Leave it to Bill Belichick to give NFL fans a call to be in awe of, as evidenced by the Patriots coach’s decision to deploy a never-before-seen special teams formation against the Dolphins on Sunday night.

With the Dolphins up, 17–3, in the third quarter, kicker Jason Sanders looked to boost the lead with a 49-yard field goal attempt from New England’s 31-yard line. As Miami prepared to snap the ball, Belichick elected to send safety and budding special teams ace Brenden Schooler in motion to get a running start in an attempt to block the kick. 

As fate would have it, Schooler’s rush proved effective, resulting in a well-time blocked field goal recovered by Patriots safety Kyle Dugger on the NE 47. To make the already standout play even more impressive, Schooler was clocked in at an absurd 12.70 mph when the ball was snapped and 13.19 mph when the kick was blocked, according to Next Gen Stats.

Here's another look at it:

Thanks to the block from Schooler, a noted pupil of special teams legend Matthew Slater, New England went on to cut the deficit to seven with a touchdown two drives later.

Needless to say, the amazing defensive play rightfully earned a plethora of reactions on social media, with many fans and pundits in disbelief over Belichick’s gutsy, heads-up to keep his club’s chances alive: