A clip of Giants coach Brian Daboll speaking with quarterback Daniel Jones on the bench went viral during Monday night’s game vs. the Seahawks as it appeared the coach frustratedly threw a tablet following an interception.

The Giants lost 24–3, moving to 1–3 on the season. Plenty of speculation about the coach and quarterback’s relationship following the blowout stemmed from the video that emerged, causing Daboll to clarify what happened when speaking to media on Tuesday.

“No, I wouldn’t throw a tablet there,” Daboll said when asked if he intended to throw the table at Jones. “I just tossed it to the side because obviously it was a little bit of frustration, but, no, I wouldn’t throw a tablet at him.

“Again, the tablet thing, I’d have to go back and see it,” Daboll said later in his press conference. “But again, I remember exactly what it is. We were talking about a particular play, and I just tossed it off to the side.”

Things seem to be fine between Daboll and Jones based on his response, but the coach is clearly ready for his team’s performance to improve on the field.

Fresh off of the blowout loss at home, the Giants face the Dolphins on Sunday.