MLB clubhouse celebrations after a team clinches a playoff berth or advances to the next round follow a similar formula. Players put on matching postseason T-shirts and protective googles and gather around with bottles of champagne and Budweiser (an MLB sponsor, of course) to drench each other. It’s a great time, but it plays out in a familiar fashion every time. 

It was the Phillies’ turn to celebrate on Tuesday night after their win over the Pirates clinched a spot in the NL playoffs. They did the usual clubhouse celebration, but then outfielder Brandon Marsh kept the party going in a new way. He went to Xfinity Live, the bar area adjacent to the Phillies’ stadium, to ride the mechanical bull. 

The video cuts off before Marsh’s ride was complete, but surely the bull operator was smart enough to take it easy on him so he wouldn’t fly off and get hurt. “Phillies Outfielder Injured in Mechanical Bull Mishap After Alcohol-Soaked Celebration” isn’t the kind of headline you want as the team attempts to repeat as NL champions.