AUSTIN (KXAN) — One of the most interesting players on the Texas football roster is fifth year defensive lineman Moro Ojomo.

Ojomo has distinguished himself as a player who is making strides on the field while continuing to develop leadership skills.

He started every game in 2020, making his mark as not only one of the most-skilled players on defense but one of the top competitors on the Longhorns.

Now, in 2022, Ojomo wants more for himself and his team as they seek to improve from a 5-7 2021 season in which they missed a bowl game.

“Players have to make a stand and basically be like, ‘enough is enough,” Ojomo explained. “7-6 BS at Texas isn’t happening anymore, we have the ability we have the talent, get your mind right.”

Multiple veteran players have explained throughout the spring that they are understanding the importance of leadership more, and Ojomo is no different.

“Someone made a statement about whatever senior class changes the tide, is going to be extremely memorable,” Ojomo said. “And it’s because it’s the players, coaches come and go.”

The nigerian-born, former standout at Katy High School passionately discussed the need to get the younger players to understand what it takes to improve and become a top tier team.

He points to the current NIL era as being a positive for individuals, but believes it can cause a strain on the development of a team.

“NIL makes your mind turn to this focus of more social media, more exposure this way…it’s weird and it’s a very in-depth problem,” Ojomo added. “I really try to impart on them that you can’t waste this opportunity, it’s going to be gone like this.”

The field is not the only place where Ojomo performs at a high level.

Last year, he was named to the Academic All-Big 12 First Team, and he has big plans for the future. For now, he wants greatness for him and his team as he enters his last year of college football.

“I hope to God that I did everything right, I put my head down and I worked…I worked, I showed up,” he explained.