AUSTIN (KXAN) —Jade Clack is making her mark as one of the top basketball players in the State of Texas, and she’s got some pretty good genes to boot.

Jade clack is the daughter of former Texas basketball standout Kris Clack, and her mother, Emerald Amen, a former player, coaches Jade at Austin High.

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Quite a legacy, one that comes with great responsibility.

“I have to be a leader, I can never have a bad practice, I always have to go hard,” Clack said. “Even if nobody else is, even if I’m having a terrible day, even if I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, it doesn’t matter, I always have to be a leader on the court, and off the court.”

Of course, with her mom as her head coach, there’s 24/7 communication, which can take a toll on both parties, but they believe they navigate those sometimes rocky waters well.

“She just took my phone away, and now I have practice, but I’m mad at her for taking my phone away so now how am I supposed to practice?” Clack explained. “Like she’s my coach when I’m mad at her, so I feel like that’s the biggest thing when it comes to balancing.”

“I have to remember that she’s a teenager you know? She’s mature but not nearly as mature as she needs to be as an adult,” Amen said. “So I have to be like, ‘All right, let me tune it down a little bit, I don’t need to be on her as much.’”

Clack takes everything in stride, good or bad, a trait that will serve her well when she takes her skills to TCU next year, as she continues to make her parents proud.

She was selected to compete in the McDonald’s All-American game March 28 in Houston.