AUSTIN (KXAN) — When Texas quarterback Quinn Ewers isn’t throwing passes with his eyes closed during workouts, he’s probably out on the golf course.

In the latest installment of Whistle Sports’ “Days Off” feature, Ewers said his perfect way to unwind when he’s not preparing to be the next Longhorns starting quarterback is to hit the links.

“The perfect day off to me is to wake up around 8 or 9, and go play golf, pretty much all day,” Ewers said. “It’s just so relaxing.”

Ewers said his dad introduced him to golf when he was a teen, and he said when he goes home they try to play as much as possible.

But while he’s in Austin, it’s just a tool to help take his mind off football, if only for a portion of the day.

“Days off are pretty important to get your mind off things and recover,” he said. “My goal has always been to get to the NFL since I can remember, and I’m striving each day to get closer to that.”

If he’s not chasing the little white ball around on a day off, he’s probably not really having a day off. In the feature, part of his day off was spent with receivers working out at Westlake High School under the tutelage of former NFL quarterback Jeff Christiansen, who runs the Chicago-based Throw It Deep quarterback academy.

One of Christiansen’s drills he has Ewers do is — yes — throwing passes with his eyes closed. And it’s not just to flex that Ewers is so good he can do it, it serves a purpose.

“It’s because so many times in a game when you throw the ball, you get hit and you wind up on the ground looking the other way, all you have is your feel when the ball leaves your fingertips,” Christiansen said.

The feature was filmed the day before a Longhorns practice, and Christiansen talked about how Ewers puts in extra time and effort to get better.

“He’s out here on his day off because he wants to be great,” he said. “He has a vision for himself to be one of the greatest, and I think he has a chance to be tremendous.”