AUSTIN (KXAN) — One of the top racing circuits in the world will keep burning rubber in Austin.

Formula 1 and Circuit of the Americas renewed their contract to keep the United States Grand Prix in town until 2026.

The 2022 race weekend is scheduled for Oct. 21-23.

“The Formula 1 United States Grand Prix has become one of the biggest and greatest events in the world,” said Bobby Epstein, founding partner of COTA. “We are extremely proud it has found a home in Texas – at Circuit of The Americas – and are grateful to the millions of fans who visited us over our first decade.”

Both F1 and MotoGP drivers complained of bumps in the track after races last year, and there were rumors swirling that could cause the racing circuits to find another venue. However, COTA leadership heard the concerns from drivers, and with the help of Texas A&M experts, used 3D mapping to discover the cause of the bumps in the track. Crews added more pavement to turns 2 and 10 and resurfaced the track between turns 12 and 16.

“This part of Austin, the county, the soil moves a lot,” Leo Garcia, COTA’s vice president of track operations, told KXAN in January. “We know that’s the biggest problem, but why it affected those two particular areas, we don’t really know.”

“They weren’t able to determine any anomalies in the soil beneath three to four feet that we could see and address,” he added. “The easiest solution for us was to reinforce those areas, so that way when we pave on top of it, it’s not a weak spot anymore.”

Along with F1 and MotoGP, NASCAR also races at the track.