AUSTIN (KXAN) — Texas running back Bijan Robinson has racked up quite a few endorsement deals due to the NCAA allowing players to profit off of their Name, Image and Likeness.

In that time, the Longhorns featured back has nailed deals with Raising Canes, Lamborghini, and most recently, he earned the distinction of having his own line of dijon mustard.

On Thursday, Robinson decided to use some of those earnings to give back, donating $3,000 worth of backpacks to students at Austin’s Harmony School of Excellence.

“I feel when you have the chance to give back and serve the guys that look up to you and even just the school that looks up to you, I think that’s the most important thing,” Robinson said.

Despite all of the accolades that he has achieved in his time on the Forty Acres, it’s opportunities like this that bring him the most joy.

“God put me here to be a vessel to them so they could see me be a positive role model.”

Robinson not only donated backpacks to the students at Harmony, he also donated his time and wisdom to the football team.

The extent of Robinson’s gesture not only pleased the staff at Harmony, including the head football coach Ian Manzak, it quite frankly surprised them.

“This doesn’t happen at our school very often, we’re kinda the small guy,” Manzak said. “Having something like this, having Bijan come out here and our his heart out for these guys is unbelievable, it’s amazing and it makes us all feel good.”

However, this isn’t new to Bijan nor is it a publicity stunt. According to his mother, LaMore Saul, he frequently looks to help others in multitude of ways.

“I’m proud to see what he’s doing, I’m proud to see that this is where he wants to be,” LaMore explained. “You know, he loves to encourage young people, even his siblings, he’s always talking to them and telling them how they can be better and how they can keep progressing.”

NIL provides athletes not just a chance to make money for themselves, but for others, and Bijan Robinson says there will be more to come.