Stylist hoping to set world record at Austin Marathon for longest fashion runway

Austin Marathon

AUSTIN (KXAN) — A Central Texas stylist is hoping to set a record while running in the Austin marathon on Sunday.

“I’m just going to be bouncing around looking fabulous,” said Drake Muyinza, the Austin-based stylist who works with REB Vintage Styling.

He is planning to change outfits every four miles of the 26.2-mile course to break the Guinness World Record for the longest fashion runway. The current record is two miles, according to the Austin Marathon website.

Muyinza has been training for the race for six months, and preparing his strategy for four, drawing on teamwork from a community that has accepted and welcomed him since he moved to Austin.

“Putting together a project like this and the work that I’ve been able to do has all come from a standpoint of being inspired when my partner and I moved to Austin two years ago and it was a time for us to rediscover ourselves and to try something new,” he explained, adding that he found home in the vintage fashion scene. “This is the community that has welcomed me and received me and given me the permission to experiment and be whatever and whoever I want to be so that’s boosted my confidence a lot.

Each look he will achieve will be styled with clothes from local vintage sellers, reflecting the passion project and role he created when he started a vintage fashion company with friends about one year ago.

Each shop’s style will be reflected in each of the seven outfits, along with his own. “I kind of still want to be able to showcase what their work is with my own little flare,” he said. 

His looks will be broken down as follows:

He’ll also be wearing hand-made jewelry from Moulton Heirlooms.

It was important to him that each shop be represented in a thoughtful way because their exposure to the Austin community comes from pop-up shops, with no actual brick and mortar to call their own. “I just want to show off what they do and who they are to the rest of Austin because they have meant so much to me and they’ve given me so much that I just want to express how I feel to the rest of the community.”

We kind of want to send a message to show that you can buy used clothing and still look fabulous.

The past pieces have all these stories and giving it a new story or adding to your story using something that’s been around for a long time is what makes it exciting and amazing for you.

Whatever you’re wearing has a past but you have the chance to give it a future.

Drake Muyinza

Blending an Austin Marathon tradition, around for 29 years, with his passion, seemed like the perfect undertaking for him.

“Since most of us are from somewhere else, it’s easy to just gather and make friends because it’s like we’re all coming from a place where this is new and having someone else to go through the same experience,” Muyinza said.

I want people to understand that your past and your experiences is what makes you unique. You have something someone else doesn’t have and just letting that out because I feel like embracing it is a way of claiming who you are.

Drake Muyinza

The carefully thought out plan consists of a team of three, his friends, Courtney McCullough, Christy Pole and his partner Roy Muyinza. They’ll be moving around near the course in pedicabs to meet him at every outfit stop for a wardrobe change.

One thing he won’t be changing are his shoes. He picked them carefully, hoping they would work with every outfit and be comfortable enough to run in.

SNEAK PEEK: A look at some of the pieces he’ll be wearing below:

For his final look, he’ll be paying homage to his home country, Uganda. His last mile will consist of accessories internationally designed by his best friend, Clare Asiimwe. The best part, it will include a dance routine, which he’s still working on. “I feel very fortunate to be able to Showcase how work and you know, just show off how awesome she is.”

Muyinza’s Guinness World Record application is still pending and can take up to 12 weeks for it to be reviewed.

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