AUSTIN (KXAN) — Thousands of runners from across the nation and around the world gathered in Austin on Sunday morning for the Austin Marathon Half Marathon and 5K.

”I am just expecting to go out and run a good race,” said Marcos Duran who drove in from Temple.

More than 17,000 participants signed up, representing every state and 32 different countries.

“For me it was to see how far and fast I can do it,” said Hunter Manker, who was running the half marathon.

Some runners ran alone while others showed up with friends or family.

Sharkboy - Austin Marathon 2022
Runners get ready for the start of the 2022 Austin Marathon. (Nabil Remadna/KXAN)

Some runners even dressed up in costumes. Johnny Snell, a student from the University of Texas dressed up like a shark.

”Well I thought everyone was going to dress up,  but then I got here and everyone is taking it a lot more serious than I am,” Snell said. “So, I am getting a little bit nervous about that, but we will just put one foot in front of the other.”

Duo runs Austin Marathon together

Nick Moccia and Jeane Crawford ran the Austin Marathon together after meeting just 24 hours earlier.

Moccia planned to push Crawford the 26.2 miles in a pink, specially-adapted wheelchair. The duo linked up as part of Ainsley’s Angels — an organization that provides the marathon experience to people with disabilities.

Crawford said she was excited for the experience as she took in the Austin Marathon starting line for the first time Sunday morning.

Family time at the Austin Marathon

  • Sharkboy - Austin Marathon 2022
  • Austin Marathon 2022

Prasanna Penmetcha and his family travelled from the Dallas area to Sunday’s race after being told that the Austin Marathon is “the most scenic [race] in Texas.”

Penmetcha virtually ran the Austin race in 2021, so he had to come to town this weekend to take in the real experience.

In total, nine people from the family, including a 4-year-old registered for the 5K, were running Sunday.

Penmetcha said his top goals were to “finish with no injuries” and for his whole family “to finish with smiles.”