AUSTIN (KXAN) — When Austin FC defender Matt Besler arrived in Austin, he introduced himself to the community in style.

Besler channeled his inner Matthew McConaughey with a professionally-produced, minute-long video to announce his move to MLS’ newest franchise. Besler posted the video on social media with his best “alright, alright, alright” imitation.

McConaughey, who is a minority owner for Austin FC and the Minister of Culture, said he smiled when he saw the video.

“Besler did a pretty good job. Pretty good imitation,” McConaughey said to KXAN. “I’ve been fortunate to say some things that have been repeated. It’s flattering to me most of the time.”

McConaughey spoke exclusively with KXAN Tuesday about the franchise‘s debut in Major League Soccer coming up Saturday at Los Angeles FC. He said Besler’s video is the exact thing the club wants to embody on game days.

“We’re inviting that with this team. It also represents the inclusivity of Austin. I look at that and smile. Let’s have some fun. This is a game we’re going to play. Let’s have some fun in the stands at Q2 [Stadium]. Let’s take our show on the road. Bring your drums to the game. This is a time to have some fun,” McConaughey said.

You can watch Besler’s video below and McConaughey’s full interview with KXAN on the video player above.