ARINGLINGTON (KXAN) — The college sports landscape changed forever on July 1, when the NCAA passed the rule allowing for athletes to profit from usage of their name, image and likeness.

Sophomore running back Bijan Robinson and senior linebacker DeMarvion Overshown are just a couple of Longhorns who have already secured NIL deals.

Overshown announced a clothing deal with Last Stand Hats just hours into July 1, and he also announced he was creating his own brand selling merchandise such as t-shirts and hoodies.

Robinson has started creating Cameo videos as well as endorsing Raising Cane’s on his Instagram as a “caniac ambassador.”

This is uncharted territory for college athletes, but Robinson is well aware his main responsibilities lie with his team and the university.

“The main focus is obviously football and school first,” Robinson said. “And just let the NIL stuff come as it comes.”

The focus for the Longhorns this season is finishing higher in the Big 12 than their mediocre fourth-place finish last year, and for that to happen there needs to be no distractions.

“We came to the decision to never let the NIL stuff get in the way,” Robinson said. “Because it can be a distraction, and it can hurt just who you are as a team; it can divide you as a team.”

The athletes have a business-like approach to the game, and now they have a similar approach to their lives off the field. The Longhorns have come to the agreement to keep their deals to themselves and to keep their eyes on a Big 12 title.