FRISCO, Texas (KXAN) — The Dallas Cowboys have their next head coach in veteran leader, Mike McCarthy.

McCarthy is a prominent figure in the NFL with over 25 years of experience coaching in the NFL. McCarthy was the head coach of the Green Bay Packers for 13 years before being fired during the 2018 season.

Jerry Jones and the Cowboys are all too familiar with McCarthy’s success as a coach. The Packers have several key victories over the Cowboys over the past decade.

McCarthy led the Packers to a championship in Super Bowl XLV in 2011 at the Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium. Now, he being challenged with taking Dallas back to the top of the league. The Cowboys haven’t even played in a NFC Championship game since 1996.

McCarthy was formally introduced to the Dallas media answering questions for over 45 minutes Wednesday afternoon. Here are several interesting quotes to take away from McCarthy’s first official day on the job.

Opening Statement:

“It’s been a gift with a purpose and that purpose was for me to be a better husband, father and better head coach. My family is my team and my team is excited to be here. I won my first Super Bowl here in North Texas at AT&T Stadium and I am anxious and ready to get to work to win the next Super Bowl for the Dallas Cowboys.”

What appealed to you about the job?

“It’s the Dallas Cowboys. I don’t think you need to go further than that. The tradition and history is so unique and it’s an iconic franchise. When you think about expectation, the goal will never change here, it’s about winning championships…but you’ve got to trust the process.”

What did you do with the year off?

I watched a lot of the Cowboys. Frankly, when the season started, I watched a lot of game tape. We really just started tracking trends…situationally in football. The Cowboys with their excellent offense were a big part of those studies. I watched a lot of game tape.”

What did you learn during the last year?

“It was more about tracking trends and seeing what people were doing. Watching players.”

Are you more innovative as a head coach?

“With innovation, there’s a lot of things in football today that have already been done before. We’re trying to stay one step of the opponent. We’re not innovating…it’s evolution. The evolution of analytics in football…it’s clear. There’s so much information out there. The application of the information is the real challenge. The last thing you want to do is give the players too much information and slow them down. It’s important to evolve and stay in front of trends.”

Was McCarthy focused on Cowboys job?

“It was definitely the job that my agent and I talked about. The reality is…these jobs don’t come open often. I’m very blessed to be here today.”

To Jerry Jones | The process that came to McCarthy decision

“Mike is no stranger to anybody at any level of football. To narrow it down, with his background, there’s all kinds of resources and people that he knows. I told Jason Garrett that I was going to be visiting with Mike. He said…you’re not going to meet anybody more special than Mike.”

“I did hear bells. My sister explained to my dad one time when she was explaining why she wanted to divorce and dad loved her husband and he said…’what’s gotten into you?’ She said, ‘I don’t hear bells.’ He said…’Bells?Bells? I haven’t heard bells for the last 30 years. What does that have to do with it?’ The bottom line is that’s a dad trying to advise his daughter on the right move. The bottom line is I heard bells.”

What does McCarthy see in QB Dak Prescott:

“I’m excited about the opportunity to work with Dak. What he’s done so far is very impressive. When you have a chance to watch a player live…I’ve always been impressed with him. You’re going to be able to run the whole offense and then some. I think he has an incredible foundation to build off of. Our offensive system will be built around making the quarterback successful. That’s the way I learned it and that’s the way you play offense and we have a great one to work with.”

What does that mean coming to another historic franchise with high expectations?

I think it plays to your experience. I could recall when I first got the job at Green Bay and you have statues of Curly Lambeau and Lomardi. After the fifth day, I started going through the back door I didn’t want to look at them anymore…I’m just kidding. It’s a great experience that I can obviously draw from because you have the same thing here. You look at the great coaches that have been here…the Super Bowl champions…all of the Hall of Famers. There’s a lot of similarities that I feel like I can use in this situation. This is the Dallas Cowboys I don’t think you have to say anything more than that. I am honored to be the steward of this iconic franchise. I understand it and I know what it takes.

You were at that divisional playoff game. Did Dez catch it?

I’m going to tell you exactly what happened. Because we had one timeout and I think there were four minutes left in the game. I said after the game…it was one helluva athletic play. I was impressed. I asked a question in regards to how the rule was written and I was given the right answer by the referee so I challenged it. If he wouldn’t have answered the question the right way, I would not have challenged it. It was the technical rule at that time. Stephen (Jones) has since gotten it changed on the competition committee. I can’t tell you how many people from Dallas have told me about that play so it’s funny. It was a great catch now I can say now, but it wasn’t then…technically.”