FRISCO, TEXAS (KFDX/KJTL)— The Dallas Cowboys matchup against the New York Jets on Sunday, September 17, 2023 at AT&T Stadium. Both teams are coming off a win in Week 1.

Mickey Spagnola gives fans the rundown on keys to the game that Dallas needs to see a victory over the Jets.

“The first key simply is to stop the run. This is first and foremost for the Cowboys. The defense might have been dominant in that opener against the New York football Giants but so was the Jets running game in their opener against Buffalo,” Spagnola said. “The Jets will certainly put importance on running the football.”

“The second key is O-line on notice. The Jets have one of the best defensive fronts the Cowboys will face this season, so this is on you,” Spagnola said. “The Cowboys offensive line has got to neutralize that big Jets front so the Cowboys skill players can show off their skills.

“And the third key is, on your mark. Meaning, get set and get off to a fast start,” Spagnola said. “Doing so will put undue pressure on the young Zach Wilson at quarterback and that will make the Jets play catch-up ball. He’ll have to pass the ball more and face that Cowboys pass rush that recorded seven sacks in the opener,” Spagnola said.