FRISCO, TX (Silver Star Nation) – Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Mike McCarthy told reporters on Thursday that this year’s rookie camp is the closest thing to normal since he took over the team from Jason Garrett.

Due to intense COVID19 restrictions the past two seasons, the teams in the NFL have not had their regular routines at their rookie mini-camps.

McCarthy says the third year players are experiencing new things along with this year’s draft class.

“It’s not like we’re giving the guys from 2020 a pass but you know this is really the first offseason we’ve had you know in and you can really see this rookie class as far as where they are today compared to the last two. I mean the first group wasn’t you know; we didn’t see each other until July. and then last year, you know, we had, you know, the ins and outs of it all. so, with this group here clearly from the day they were drafted and in the zoom calls that that the players and coaches, I mean, you could see you could see the impact. you could see the extra time that these guys are putting in. it’s really been beneficial. I’ve been very, very impressed just with the maturity in and the understanding that these guys know that they’re in a great place, they’re going to have their own facility. that gives them an incredible opportunity to maximize this opportunity. we’re here as coaches for them. and, you know, coming in here over the weekend, you know, you just you see ten of them and, you know, the dinner here in the weight room or in a hot tub or in the in the steam, y’all are down there in the player’s lounge. so, the this this group has been has made a big impression not only on me and the coaching staff, but also the veteran players. so, and that’s what you’re looking for. that’s when we talk about culture and we talk about program development, draft, and develop. this is this is what I’m talking about.”