AUSTIN (KXAN) – There is no question Mike Adams is a legend of Texas football. When the wide receiver finished his career in Austin in 1996, he was the program leader in receiving yards, touchdowns and receptions among some other records.

After playing professionally, Adams turned to coaching. He’s now the wide receiver coach at Vandegrift just miles from where he played college ball in Austin.

“He was nice in college,” Adams’ son Deuce, a senior quarterback at Vandegrift, said. “I mean he’s not the same position as me but he’s my dad so I want to one-up him if I can.”

Deuce grew up as a receiver but switched to quarterback when the family saw his arm playing baseball. Deuce’s older brother Eli and fellow senior is indeed a receiver and gets a lot of coaching from dad.

“It’s very intense because he knows the game,” Eli Adams said. “He knows the position. I just try to take everything he gives me and use it on the field to help me be successful.”

For the three to unite on an unbeaten team at Vandegrift, the Adams’ realize how lucky they are.

“To have it here in Austin, they were born here in Austin,” Mike Adams said. “We’re Austinites. So that’s always special. Anytime you can coach your kids at a great place, great program.”