TOKYO (Nexstar) — Tokyo 2020 wraps up this weekend, and our Nexstar team is getting ready to come home. But before they leave, deep in the heart of Tokyo, they’re experiencing a little piece of Texas. 

Country music isn’t something you’d expect to hear coming from a small bar in Tokyo. But it’s music like this Takeshi Yoshino has been listening to since he was in high school.

The Little Texas Bar N’ Grill owner fell in love with country music, barbecue and two-steppin’ as a young man. His love for all things cowboy led to him opening up this honky-tonk more than 15 years ago. 

“I wanted to introduce Texas country music in Japan,” Yoshino said.

The walls are adorned with Lone Star State license plates and neon signs that remind people “Don’t Mess with Texas.” He’s even showing off some Texas school pride.

“Hook ’em,” Yoshino exclaimed.

From preserving a Whataburger cup to showing a taped bull riding competition on the television screen, Yoshino and his wife have embraced the cowboy culture.

It’s a passion they’re hoping to pass along to Japan’s younger generation.

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Before the coronavirus hit, the couple would travel to Texas each year, but they haven’t been since 2019. They hope to return soon. 

Because of the pandemic, the business had to rely on its food sales, which consists of Texas fare: Texas fried steak, barbecue ribs and fried chicken to go with a Texas-shaped waffle.