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We’ll highlight the dozens of Texans competing in the Olympics, and share moments you won’t want to miss from Feb. 4-20.

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Download the KXAN News App on your phone or tablet and scroll down to the “notifications” section on the main page to select the “Olympics” push alert topic. Throughout the Games, we’ll send you updates on major events and let you know how you can watch our Texans. While you’re there, subscribe to other push topics to get updates on weather, our investigations or news breaking where you live.

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How to watch our Olympics live stream

From Monday through Friday during the Olympics, KXAN Digital Anchor Will DuPree will host an Olympics live stream featuring perspective and updates from KXAN Reporter Candy Rodriguez and the rest of the Nexstar team covering the Games, as well as major headlines, medal counts and expert perspective. Tune in at noon CT each day on our Olympics page or look out for a story and banner on the homepage of We’ll also send a push alert to subscribers to our Olympics notifications and an email will go out to those subscribed to our “KXAN Live Stream Alerts” newsletter.