AUSTIN (KXAN) — It’s almost as if injuries are contagious for the Texas receivers this training camp. And this week, that injury bug has gone full circle.

After leaving Wednesday’s open practice early, freshman receiver Troy Omeire didn’t practice on Thursday so he could be evaluated for a knee injury, according to a team spokesperson. It wasn’t clear whether or not it was the same knee on which he suffered a torn ACL in camp last year.

Thursday’s practice was essentially the last of training camp. The Longhorns are off on Friday, and then they’ll have their final scrimmage on Saturday. Sarkisian likes the scrimmages because it’s a chance for him to see how his team will react to the pressures of a game-like situation. But for offensive lineman Christian Jones, his approach doesn’t change from any other practice.

“It’s another practice day, Jones said. “Every day’s important. I don’t really think of a scrimmage as different as compared to a day like today or yesterday. I don’t feel different or any type of pressure. I don’t think any of us feel that type of way. It’s just going out there and executing and performing.

Before the start of camp, Steve Sarkisian said the final two weeks would be spent on preparing for the season opener against Louisiana-Lafayette.

Dicker the Kicker

Cameron Dicker’s picked up where he left off last year when he became the team’s punter after Ryan Bujcevski’s season ended with a torn ACL.

“I think I did well at the end of last season, so I was expecting kinda to be able to come in and compete, as well, for this spot,” Dicker said about being the team’s primary punter in training camp. “Obviously [I’m] hoping Ryan can come in and do well, but … this just kinda allowed me the opportunity to compete. New staff, as well, it’s just new eyes on me, so it gives me the chance for a fresh start to compete at it.”

Bujcevski’s been punting during camp, but it appears that Dicker has the edge on the Australian as he continues to work his way back from injury. But Dicker also went under the knife in the offseason, having shoulder surgery in January, which limited his kicking until the first day of spring practice.

With Dicker adding the extra punting to his regular job of kick offs, field goals and extra points, keeping his leg fresh is a major priority. Special teams coordinator Jeff Banks made it a point on Wednesday to talk about limiting how much he kicks during the week. It’s another aspect of the new coaching staff that Dicker appreciates.

“If I over-kick, it’s a big concern,” Dicker said. “If you don’t have coaches that understand that, it’s a problem, but I’ve done a good job, I think, handling it before Banks got here. Banks obviously came in and understands the position and helps me kinda get to that point, as well, where he’s like, ‘Hey, stop kicking. You’re good for the day.’

“I think it’s super important just to make sure I can continue to hit balls deep on kick offs, be able to have clean strikes everywhere.”

Cashing in on NIL

Few athletes on the 40 Acres have the reputation that Dicker has. He has a phenomenal moniker in “Dicker the Kicker”. He’s a local product who first built his reputation at Lake Travis. And he was forever immortalized with a fantastic .gif before he kicked the game-winner against Oklahoma his freshman year.

So it only makes sense that the charismatic senior would be able to take advantage of the Name, Image and Likeness rules.

“[I] just did a fun deal with a local roofing company and then working on a couple things on my own,” Dicker revealed on Thursday. “And then, obviously, on Cameo, shooting videos for fun for people.”

And as for the best nickname in all of college sports?

“That’s gonna be coming soon,” Dicker said. “Trying to get it launched before the season.”