AUSTIN (KXAN) — During the 2023-2024 University of Texas football season, the Longhorns were scheduled to have six home games.

Navigating these game days can be stressful, but here are some tips from KXAN viewers to help you get to and from Texas football games at DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium.

Helpful tips

KXAN viewers recommended getting to the game early, and while some said it was better to leave late, others recommended leaving during the middle of the fourth quarter.

“Get there early, eat lunch, etc at a local place and walk. Or mini tailgate where you park…” a viewer said.

In terms of transportation, KXAN viewers had a variety of methods.

Some said to have someone you know to drop you off and pick you up or take a rideshare, and others recommended taking the metro rail.

“CapMetro. I know many people consider themselves too good to take public transportation, but it is basically no hassle door to door for me,” one person commented.

“We plan on parking at the Westgate Transit Center and taking the bus to West Mall,” another viewer said.

If you’re not wanting to spend money, one viewer suggested parking on Comal Street by the cemetery.

Don’t even try

While most viewers provided helpful tips on how to navigate downtown Austin during game days, some viewers said it was not worth the trip.

“How to get to UT games?? Walk to couch. Sit down. Turn on TV. Thanks for coming to my TEDtalk…” one viewer said.

“You can avoid the most traffic by watching the game at home,” another viewer chimed in.

More interesting tips

If you’re wanting to make your entrance into game day a bit more exciting, some KXAN viewers had suggestions.

“Personal helicopter, land at 50 yd line 10 mins b4 kickoff!” a viewer joked.

“Try a parachute, it’s a little more realistic,” a viewer replied.