AUSTIN (KXAN) — It’s officially football season on the 40 Acres.

The Texas Longhorns kicked off fall camp Wednesday afternoon with their first official team workout, and what may seem like a long time before the season opener — 31 days after the first practice — isn’t. Head coach Steve Sarkisian said one big adjustment he plans to make before game time might not be the most noticeable or high-profile, but it’s certainly an important one.

“A year ago, we were relying on too many front-line starters on too many special teams,” he said. “We want all our starters to have an impact on one or two teams, not three or four.”

That ties in the youth of this year’s team. With 57 of the team’s 85 scholarship players being underclassmen, the fastest road a younger player can take to get playing time, and perhaps crack the 2-deep depth chart on offense or defense, is through special teams.

“We need to develop our younger players so they can have an impact and we can trust them on teams,” Sarkisian explained, saying there are four separate special teams units competing against each other for the first 10 practices. “The only way to do that is to give them real competition. Hopefully that provides opportunities to see guys and they can showcase their abilities.”

As it usually does early in camp, the conversation gravitated back to the quarterback battle between Hudson Card and Quinn Ewers. Sarkisian said he’s not putting a deadline on when he’s going to name a starting quarterback for the team’s opener September 3 against Louisiana-Monroe, but he said he’ll pick a guy sooner than he did last year.

Card, who started last season but quickly lost the starting job to Casey Thompson, and the Texas recruit-turned-Ohio State transfer Ewers are both fierce competitors, Sarkisian said, and one thing he’s looking for that could give someone the upper hand in winning the job is owning their mistakes.

“I look for body language, definitely. Sometimes, body language is ownership. There’s a level of accountability,” he said. “That’s taking responsibility for your own actions. If you miss the throw, are you willing to own it and let the receiver know? Sometimes, that’s as important as having a lot of bravado and confidence.”

Sarkisian went on to say while they’re competing against each other for the QB1 role, they “work really well together,” and, “are pulling for one another.”

“That to me is very healthy,” he said. “That doesn’t mean one guy doesn’t want to start more than the other, I’m sure they both do, but they came to work today to enjoy playing football and to get better.”