AUSTIN (KXAN) — Touchdowns, third down conversions, penalty yards. When it comes to Longhorn football, there are a lot of numbers to keep track of.

The team is looking to improve on last year’s 8-5 record in their last year as part of the Big 12 Conference. The Longhorns will move to the Southeastern Conference next year, along with rival Oklahoma.

Follow along with the charts below as we track the Longhorns’ performance throughout the 2023 season.

How many games have the Longhorns won and lost this year?

Texas’ overall record this season is 5-0. The team’s Big 12 conference record is 2-0.

How many points do the Longhorns typically score each game?

The chart below shows the number of points scored and allowed by the Longhorns in each game. The team is scoring an average of 36 points per game, while allowing the opposing team to score an average of 12.8 points per game.

The team has scored a total of 180 points this season. Opposing teams have scored 64 points in total.

In which quarter do the Longhorns perform best?

On offense, the fourth quarter is when the Longhorns are performing best, scoring an average of 11.2 points per game. That contrasts to just six points on average each first quarter.

When it comes to defense, the team performs best in the first quarter, allowing an average of just 2.6 points per game. Opponents score the most points in the third quarter: an average of four points per game.

Where are the Longhorns ranked?

The Longhorns are currently ranked No. 3 in the AP poll and No. 4 in the Coaches Poll.

Do the Longhorns lead or trail opponents most often?

So far this season, the Longhorns have spent 82% of game time leading their opponents, while trailing only 7% of the time.

How many yards do the Longhorns gain each game?

This season, the team is averaging 192 rushing yards and 287 passing yards per game. Defense is allowing opponents to average 95 rushing yards and 196 passing yards per game.

How often are the Longhorns taking advantage of red zone chances?

This year, the Longhorns have converted 52% of red zone chances in touchdowns and 38% into field goals. Ten percent of appearances in the red zone have been missed opportunities with no score.

Of all field goal attempts, 64% have resulted in points, while 36% were missed.

How often do the Longhorns convert on third and fourth down?

The Longhorns have successfully converted 42% of third-down conversion attempts. The team has fared better on fourth down, successfully converting 70% of the time.

How many yards have the Longhorns lost to penalties?

So far this season, the Longhorns have been called on 21 penalties in total, resulting in a loss of 174 yards. The team is averaging 4.2 penalties and 34.8 yards lost per game.

Which game at DKR has had the highest attendance?

The highest attendance on record at DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium was 105,213 during the 2022 Texas-Alabama game. This season, attendance is averaging just under 101,000 per game, after three home games. The game against Kansas had the highest attendance.

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