AUSTIN (KXAN) — The No. 21 Texas Longhorns won’t play another football game for about a month. They aren’t sure where it’s going to be or who it will be against, but the approach to practices will generally stay the same regardless.

In Monday’s postseason press conference, Longhorns head coach Steve Sarkisian pulled the curtain back a little bit on his philosophy on preparing for a bowl game. In his coaching career, Sarkisian is 2-2 in bowl games as a head coach, winning the 2010 and 2014 Holiday Bowls with Washington and Southern California.

In all likelihood, the Longhorns will end up in either the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio or the Cheez-It Bowl (formerly the Citrus Bowl) in Orlando, Florida. Both are scheduled for Dec. 29 and the Alamo Bowl would be against a Pac-12 team and the Cheez-It Bowl would be against an Atlantic Coast Conference team. The team will find out Sunday once all the conference championship games are played and records are final, but the framework of the extra practices will remain somewhat the same no matter who they play, Sarkisian explained.

He said the first “five or so” bowl practices would be treated like spring practices or training camp.

“We’re going to get back to the basics on a lot of things, we’re going to reteach some fundamentals and techniques and some schemes to make sure everyone has a firm understanding and we can work with players to do that,” Sarkisian said. “Then the next half of practices will be dedicated to game planning.”

Sarkisian said a common pitfall of practicing for a bowl is to frontload the practice session with gameplan installation. He said that has the potential to not keep the players’ attention spans and be counterintuitive to practicing in the first place.

“You could do all the work on the game, and then, I don’t want to say the players get bored, but the monotony of the same stuff for two to three weeks, and then they finally play the game,” Sarkisian said. “I think you have to keep it fresh this time of year, so we’ll put forth some work on some developmental stuff and reteaching of concepts and schemes, and then shift toward gameplan as we get closer.”

The result of the Big 12 Conference championship game between TCU and Kansas State will have some influence on what bowl the Longhorns end up in. If TCU wins, the Horned Frogs will likely get a bid to the College Football Playoff semifinals and leave Kansas State with a spot in the Sugar Bowl. The CFP committee would then likely fill the Cotton Bowl Classic with at-large teams from the CFP rankings, leaving the Alamo Bowl as the next bowl game with a Big 12 Conference tie-in.

In the event of a Kansas State win, TCU could end up going to the Cotton Bowl Classic as an at-large team with the Wildcats still going to the Sugar Bowl, leaving Texas in the Alamo Bowl. However, a K-State win and the CFP committee not putting TCU in the Cotton Bowl Classic could result in the Horned Frogs going to the Alamo Bowl and sending the Longhorns to Orlando.

It’s also possible that TCU stays in the CFP Playoff picture even with a loss to Kansas State with Wildcats still headed to the Sugar Bowl.

Texas would be right at home in the Alamo Bowl. The Longhorns have played in the game four times in the past 10 years, winning the game three times. The loss came to Marcus Mariota and the Oregon Ducks 30-7 in 2013. It was Mack Brown’s last game as the head coach.