SAN ANTONIO (KXAN) — Westlake won its 54th consecutive game in convincing fashion with a 47-7 blowout over San Antonio Brennan in the Class 6A-Division I quarterfinals Saturday at the Alamodome.

Big plays on special teams and defense led to short fields for the Chaparrals’ offense all game long, and rarely did the Chaps miss an opportunity to score.

Brennan moved the ball down the field but couldn’t get past the Chaps’ defense once they got to the red zone. Westlake put up a steel curtain in the red area and Will Magids picked off Brennan quarterback Ashton Dubose twice in the end zone. Westlake forced a turnover on downs in their red zone and Denim Collins made an interception just outside the Westlake 25-yard line to keep the Bears from scoring.

“I’m so proud. I told these guys if we played a good game in all three phases, something like this could happen,” Chaparrals head coach Tony Salazar said. “For these guys to play like these in the fourth round against a helluva football team, I’m just so proud.”

Brennan came into the game averaging more than 48 points per game, but the Chaps’ stout defense had other plans for them. The Bears’ lone score came with 8:30 left in the game on an Avron Carter 4-yard pass from Dubose.

Westlake forced four turnovers, three interceptions and a fumble.

Westlake was also shorthanded, at least on offense. Wide receiver Jaden Greathouse, who is committed to Notre Dame, didn’t play due to an injury he suffered against San Benito in the quarterfinals. Starting quarterback Paxton Land played with a right thumb injury that hampered him from throwing deep passes, so Brett Skinner came in early in the game to take over.

Skinner tossed two touchdowns and rushed for another. Junior running back Jack Kayser had one touchdown as did Grady Bartlett. Bartlett rushed for 77 yards on seven carries with a touchdown, but his highlight came on a non-scoring run. With 6:57 in the fourth quarter, Bartlett broke free on a run up the left side and unleashed a stiff arm the Chaps will be talking about for years to come. Bartlett warded off Brennan’s Tristan Escobar with a mighty right arm, sending the Bear to the ground in a heap and drawing two 15-yard penalties on another Brennan defender for losing his cool after the play.

Westlake’s Bradley Mays caught two touchdown passes, a 51-yarder from Skinner and a 15-yarder from Land.

Westlake (14-0) will take on Galena Park North Shore at 3 p.m., Dec. 10 in Houston at Rice Stadium in the 6A-Division I semifinals.

Game log

FINAL: Westlake 47, Brennan 7. The Chaps will take on Galena Park North Shore at 3 p.m., Dec. 10 from Rice Stadium in Houston in the state semifinals.

6:40 4Q: TOUCHDOWN WESTLAKE – Land hits a wide-open Bradley Mays for a 15-yard score. PAT blocked. Chaparrals 47, Bears 7

6:57 4Q: Westlake running back Grady Bartlett unleashes some fury with a vicious stiff arm on a Brennan defender to send him to the turf on a big run. A different Brennan player was hit with a late hit and unsportsmanlike conduct penalties following the play after he let emotions get the best of him.

8:30 4Q: TOUCHDOWN BRENNAN – Dubose hits Avron Carter with a 3-yard pass and the Bears avoid being shut out. PAT good. Chaparrals 41, Bears 7

11:11 4Q: Westlake keeps the Bears out of the end zone again. Magids makes his second interception of the game, grabbing the Dubose pass in the end zone for a touchback. Chaps take over on the 20-yard line and Land is back in the game at quarterback.

End 3Q: Westlake 41, Brennan 0. The Bears have the ball 1st-and-10 in Westlake’s red zone, so perhaps they’ll punch one in and get on the board. They’ve been moving the ball, but the Westlake defense has been outstanding in the red zone today.

3:34 3Q: FIELD GOAL WESTLAKE – Carter Ege knocks a 22-yard kick from the right hash through the uprights. Chaparrals 41, Bears 0.

4:28 3Q: Brennan fumbles the ensuing kick return and the Chaps fall on it. Westlake takes over on the Bears’ 23-yard line. Another short field for Westlake to work with.

4:39 3Q: TOUCHDOWN WESTLAKE – After a 49-yard pass play to Kubecka from Skinner, the Chaps go quickly and Grady Bartlett runs 19 yards untouched into the end zone. PAT good. Chaparrals 38, Bears 0

6:35 3Q: TOUCHDOWN WESTLAKE – Skinner throws a perfect pass to Keaton Kubecka on an out route for a 10-yard touchdown. It’s Skinner’s 14th passing touchdown of the season and Kubecka’s 10th receiving touchdown of the season. Brennan had the play covered, but it was just better offense by the Chaps. PAT good. Chaparrals 31, Bears 0

10:08 3Q: It’s an option play and Dubose keeps it, but the Chaps hit him and stop him short of the line to gain. Westlake gets the turnover on downs and takes over on its own 42-yard line.

10:16 3Q: Brennan calls a timeout to take about a 4th-and-3 play on Westlake’s side of the field. With the way the game is going, it’s almost a foregone conclusion the Bears have to take a chance and go for this. They have to do something to inject some life into the offense. Maybe a trick play?

12:00 3Q: Brennan received the opening kick of the second half.

Halftime: Westlake 24, Brennan 0. The Chaps’ defense has been outstanding and it’s the first time the Bears haven’t scored in the first half all season. Big plays on special teams and good field position have helped give the offense short fields to work with. Brennan outgained Westlake 149-141 in the first half, but the Chaps have kept the Bears out of the end zone.

0:09 2Q: Brennan has a 4th-and-6 play from the 9-yard line and Dubose simply doesn’t throw a good ball to his running back swinging out to the left. It was a good play call, Dubose just didn’t execute the pass well. Chaps take over and they’ll probably take a knee and get this to halftime.

4:30 2Q: TOUCHDOWN WESTLAKE – Skinner has plenty of time and finds Bradley Mays wide-open over the middle for a 51-yard touchdown. PAT good. Chaparrals 24, Bears 0

5:48 2Q: Westlake’s Denim Collins is in the right place at the right time as Ashton Dubose’s pass to his twin brother Aaron hits him in the chest, and Collins is on the spot to collect the bounce and intercept the pass. Chaps take over on their 28-yard line.

9:23 2Q: TOUCHDOWN WESTLAKE – Kayser takes it 3 yards for another Chaps touchdown. PAT good. Chaparrals 17, Bears 0

10:06 2Q: Brennan uses two timeouts as Westlake comes out in one formation, then another after the previous timeout. Skinner converts the 4th-and-short with a run over left tackle. 1st down Chaps on the Brennan 9-yard line

11:54 2Q: Brennan lines up to go for it on 4th down to start the quarter, but the Bears shift to a quick kick formation and Judson Crockett lays out to block the kick for the Chaps. Westlake has it on Brennan’s 24-yard line.

End 1Q: Westlake 10, Brennan 0. Chaps WR Jaden Greathouse, committed to Notre Dame, hasn’t played yet and Skinner has taken over at QB for Land. Westlake’s defense has kept Dubose under wraps so far. Let’s see if that continues.

1:07 1Q: TOUCHDOWN WESTLAKE – Skinner calls his own number on the QB draw and runs it in from 4 yards. PAT good. Chaparrals 10, Bears 0

2:37 2Q: A bad punt by Brennan gives Westlake the ball at the Bears’ 39-yard line

3:19 1Q: Westlake’s Colton Vasek drops Dubose for a big loss on 3rd down to force a Brennan punt. Big play by the future Texas Longhorn

5:05 1Q: FIELD GOAL WESTLAKE – Spencer Barnett hits from 48 yards for the first score of the game. Chaparrals 3, Bears 0

6:22 1Q: Brett Skinner is now in at quarterback for Westlake. Land was clearly hampered by his thumb injury and Skinner has shown he’s more than capable to run the offense this season.

Land is playing with a wrap around his right thumb and it appears to be giving him problems throwing the deep ball. The interception that sailed high, plus two deep passes to Keaton Kubecka that were underthrown have shown that. Westlake hasn’t been able to do much on the ground with Kayser so far.

9:17 1Q: Westlake returns the favor and Will Magids intercepts Dubose in the end zone. Westlake gets it back at their own 20-yard line.

10:45 1Q: Not the way the Chaps wanted to start the game as Land sails a pass high above the target and it’s intercepted by the Bears. They take over on the Westlake 43-yard line.

12:00 1Q: Brennan hits a squib kick on the opening kickoff and the Chaps take over on their own 25-yard line