AUSTIN (KXAN) — Weiss’ stable of playmakers was on full display in a 44-19 win over LBJ on Thursday at The Pfield.

The Wolves, ranked No. 21 in this week’s Dave Campbell’s Texas Football/Associated Press 6A Top 25, built a 44-7 lead by halftime led by two scores by junior receiver Adrian Wilson and the play of quarterback Jax Brown.

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Wilson hauled in scoring passes of 18 and 38 yards in the first quarter while Brown threw for four touchdowns in the game. The Wolves blocked a punt in the first quarter for a safety to take a 16-0 lead and then scored on the ensuing drive on Wilson’s second touchdown catch. That made the score 23-0 Wolves with 5:33 left in the first quarter.

After Weiss running back Braiden Wooley scored his second touchdown of the game, Weiss staked claim to a 37-0 lead with 3:50 left in the first half. LBJ got on the board for the first time after quarterback Ali Scott hit Javarlyn Smith for an 18-yard touchdown, but the Wolves tacked on another touchdown to make their lead even larger before the half.

LBJ scored twice in the second half, but the game was too far out of reach. However, that didn’t stop LBJ receiver Fatu Mukuba from perhaps making the best play of the night.

Mukuba ran down the sideline and gained a step on the Weiss defender, and Scott lofted a pass that ended up just in front of Mukuba as he hit the 5-yard line. Mukuba, slight in stature at 5-foot-10, 165 pounds, used his raw speed to close the gap with two hard strides, and then he laid out fully extended to haul the pass in. He landed in the end zone with the ball cradled in his hands and six points for the Jags with 6:50 left in the game.

LBJ ended its scoring with a 7-play, 91-yard drive capped by a 2-yard run by Caleb Crenshaw with 2:01 left in the game.

Weiss (2-0) will hit the road south to take on Converse Judson at 7:30 p.m., Sept. 8. LBJ (0-2) will travel to Dallas to take on one of the best teams from TAPPS, Parish Episcopal, at 7 p.m., Sept. 8

Game log

Ballgame: Weiss 44, LBJ 19. The Jaguars put up a fight in the second half, but the Wolves jumped out to a 44-7 halftime lead and put it on cruise control from there.

2:01 4Q: TOUCHDOWN LBJ: Caleb Crenshaw makes a nice cut and glides into the end zone from 2 yards out. A 7-play, 91-yard drive for the Jags. PAT blocked. Wolves 44, Jaguars 19

6:50 4Q: TOUCHDOWN LBJ: What a catch by Fatu Mukuba! He goes full extension to grab the Ali Scott pass for a 33-yard TD pass. One of the best plays of the season so far. Holy cow. PAT no good. Wolves 44, Jaguars 13

7:57 4Q: Weiss puts a bunch of reserves into the game for the drive and they end up having to punt. LBJ has trouble with the return and they’ll take over on their own 33-yard line.

11:52 4Q: INTERCEPTION WEISS: Just as the Jags were knocking on the door for another score, Ali Scott is intercepted in the end zone by Weiss DB Jojo Wells. The Wolves take over on their own 20-yard line.

End 3Q: Weiss 44, LBJ 7. The Jaguars are driving and have the ball on the Wolves’ 6-yard line to start the 4Q.

2:53 3Q: LBJ’s defense stiffens and stops Weiss from scoring, and a pooch punt by the Wolves pins the Jags at their 18-yard line to start the drive.

6:29 3Q: Weiss tries a 39-yard field goal and it’s no good, so LBJ takes over on their own 21-yard line.

Halftime: Weiss 44, LBJ 7. The Jaguars got on the board late in the 2Q, but other than that, it was been all Wolves. The Jaguars will receive the second-half kick.

1:09 2Q: TOUCHDOWN WEISS: Brown throws the ball into double coverage, but perhaps underthrew it on purpose so Luis Jaramillo could adjust to it and haul it in for a 24-yard score. It was a 7-play, 75-yard drive for the Wolves. PAT good. Wolves 44, Jaguars 7

1:25 2Q: LBJ linebacker Kai Moreno is injured and is being attended to on the field.

3:33 2Q TOUCHDOWN LBJ: Ali Scott rolls out to his right and finds Javarlyn Smith wide-open over the middle for an 18-yard score. A nice blitz pick-up by the LBJ backfield to give Scott time to roll out and make the throw. PAT good. Wolves 37, Jaguars 7

3:50 2Q: TOUCHDOWN WEISS: Wooley with an easy 3-yard score on the first play after the big punt return. PAT good. Wolves 37, Jaguars 0

Some players got in a bit of a scuffle and an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty was given to Weiss. A player from Weiss was ejected from the game due to the penalty and LBJ has nice field position because of it.

3:55 2Q: LBJ can’t do anything after the interception and ends up punting from their own end zone. Weiss has a great return and takes over 1st-and-goal on the LBJ 3-yard line.

5:59 2Q: INTERCEPTION LBJ: KJ Houston picks off Jax Brown in the end zone and he returns it to around the 30-yard line, but the return gets backed up by a chop block penalty during the return. The Jags take over on their own 11-yard line.

7:02 2Q: Really looked like Weiss got away with pass interference in the end zone, but the flags stayed in the officials’ pocket. LBJ has to set up for a 37-yard field goal try and they miss it following a substitution penalty. Weiss takes over on their own 20-yard line.

9:57 2Q: LBJ makes a great defensive stand and stops the Wolves on fourth down for a turnover on downs. A step in the right direction for the Jags and they’ll get the ball in their own territory.

11:13 2Q: TOUCHDOWN WEISS: Easy pitch-and-catch from Brown to Jacques Spradley-Demps for a 15-yard touchdown. A great route by Demps to get wide open over the middle of the field behind the linebackers. PAT good. Wolves 30, Jaguars 0

End 1Q: Weiss 23, LBJ 0. It has been all Wolves so far, and they’ve got the ball on the LBJ 14-yard line to start the 2Q after converting a 4th-and-1.

1:16 1Q: LBJ puts together an 11-play drive but they have to punt it away. A penalty tacked on to the end of the return for Weiss gives them the ball in LBJ territory to start the next drive.

5:33 1Q: TOUCHDOWN WEISS: Well, this one is already out of hand. Wilson was in the right place at the time right time and Brown hit him down the middle of the field for a 38-yard touchdown. It didn’t appear that Wilson was the intended receiver on the play, but it still counts and will definitely go on his highlight reel. PAT good. Wolves 23, Jaguars 0

6:59 1Q: SAFETY: Weiss picks up a pair of points after the Wolves block a punt near the LBJ goalline. The ball squirts out of the end zone for a safety and the Wolves will get the ball back. Wolves 16, Jaguars 0

8:37 1Q: TOUCHDOWN WEISS: Jax Brown tosses a jump ball up for Adrian Wilson, and Wilson reaches up with one hand to haul it in for an 18-yard TD. PAT good. Wolves 14, Jaguars 0.

9:31 1Q: Weiss defensive end Lowote Jurkin hits LBJ quarterback Ali Scott and forces the ball loose on 3rd-and-11, and the Wolves pounce on it. Weiss takes over on the LBJ 26-yard line.

11:20 1Q: TOUCHDOWN WEISS: Braiden Wooley breaks a couple of tackles and slashes through the LBJ defense for a 32-yard rushing TD. PAT good. Wolves 7, Jaguars 0

12:00 1Q: Weiss will receive the opening kick