AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – It is the Masters, but the Augusta National Golf Course takes a back seat to no one.

This year the azaleas are leaving the patrons wanting more.  

 Sure, there is some great golf, but the Augusta National is more than that.  

“Oh my gosh, I look at that, and it looks unreal. It’s kind of the same feeling I had when I went to the Grand Canyon. You see it, and it can’t be real,” says Susam Rosson.   

Many spectators head to the famed 13th hole named Azalea because of all the plants framing the hole, and patrons are hoping to experience an explosion of colors.


“They look like they are ready to burst. They look a little non-ready to burst,” says Bob Proffitt.  

“They are all done.”  

“They’re all done already. Ah,” Proffitt continues.   

There are some azaleas blooming, but you really have to look for them.

With ten being the best, this year’s azaleas not getting a high rating.   

“This year, I’ll give them a two because they’re not really pretty. They’re not bloomed. We were looking for the azaleas and couldn’t find any azaleas this year because of the weather,” says Lisa McClease.  

Where holes 6 and 16 come together is normally an azalea hot spot, but not this year.   

“A splattering and just the fuchsia ones are showing,” says Ann Sennott. 

“They’re not very good. It’s still a beautiful sight, it’s still a beautiful sight. Last year was beautiful. I’ll probably say a four or a five,” says Rosson. 

It is still beautiful, and gardeners are having a great time despite the azaleas even if they don’t know their Scheffler from their Schauffele.