FRISCO (SILVER STAR NATION) — Dallas Cowboys Owner and General Manager Jerry Jones spoke to fans at The Star in Frisco Thursday night after they turned in Tulsa offensive tackle Tyler Smith’s draft card.

According to Jones, Smith was the 16th overall pick on their draft board, which would technically make him a steal at pick 24. Many analysts had Smith as a second or third round pick due to his need for development.

According to Jones, a team tried to trade up with Dallas in order to select Smith while they were on the clock. NFL insiders said teams were much higher on Smith than analysts.

The pick was not widely loved by “Dallas Cowboys twitter”, but Smith said people have underestimated him his entire playing career.

“Every time I line up across from somebody, I play with the mindset that they think they’re better than me,” Smith said in a press conference. “They’re trying to take food out of my mouth. They’re trying to take food out of my teammates’ mouths.”

When speaking of Smith, Jones said it’s “eerie to me the similarities” between the Cowboys’ first round pick and another offensive lineman, drafted in the first round, with the last name Smith.

Jones said at The Star after the pick was made he thinks Tyler could be the next Tyron, one of the best lineman in the NFL even a decade removed from his first-round selection in 2011.

As they say, only time will tell.

“I like to set the tone,” Smith said. “I wanna make them think twice about getting up when they go against me, for sure.”

Sources said Smith will wear the number 73, the same number as another Cowboys’ great, Larry Allen.