AUSTIN (KXAN) — In a statement sent Thursday, former Texas Longhorns head men’s basketball coach Chris Beard said he was “pleased” Travis County District Attorney José Garza dismissed the domestic violence case against him.

“I am pleased with the announcement that the charges against me have been dismissed. While I always had faith and confidence in the truth and this outcome, it has been extremely challenging to wait patiently and not publicly respond. 

I’m sorry and deeply remorseful to my family, friends, all my players and staff both most recent and past, and everyone at my alma mater The University of Texas, including the fans and supporters who were affected by this situation.

I would also like to thank all those who have reached out to express encouragement and love during this difficult time.”
– Chris Beard

In a press release Wednesday, the Travis County District’s Attorney Office said that “after a careful and thorough review of the evidence, recent public statements, and considering Ms. [Randi] Trew’s wishes, our office has determined that the felony offense cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Austin Police arrested Beard on Dec. 12. He was later charged with assault by strangulation/suffocation – family violence following the incident with his fiancée, Trew. The home where the alleged assault happened, owned by Beard, was listed for sale since late January and is still active, according to real estate listings.

Texas Athletics suspended Beard indefinitely without pay later that day as it reviewed the case, and then fired him on Jan. 5. Associate head coach Rodney Terry has since taken over as acting head coach of the team.

In a statement to KXAN Wednesday, Beard’s attorney Perry Minton also said they were “pleased” with the DA’s decision to dismiss the case.

“Everyone knows that Coach Beard has maintained his absolute innocence since the moment he was arrested. Today, the district attorney has filed a motion to dismiss the case in the Interest of Justice, which is not common. Additionally, this district attorney has a well-earned reputation for being very tough regarding domestic violence cases. The fact that Mr. Garza’s review resulted in this determination so quickly – says a lot. We are very pleased,” Minton wrote.