AUSTIN (KXAN) — The very thing that was helping Madisyn Cox become one of the best swimmers this country could produce was the very thing that got her in trouble. 

Last year, Cox was banned from swimming competitively at a national level because as it turned out, an ingredient in her supplements was on a banned substance list. 

Additionally, the ban instantly disqualified her from competing in national swim meets in 2018. 

Cox has since had the ban rescinded and has even taken the maker of the supplement to court.  

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Now, she has some some things to say, but she will say them in the pool. 

“I’ve been kind of tuning up and getting ready to show them that I should be on the world’s team and show them what I could have done last summer,” says Cox. 

Cox, a recent graduate from the University of Texas, will be headed to nationals next week.

Depending on how that goes for her, she could place high enough to swim in Omaha at the U.S. Olympic Swim Trials — which is the qualifying meet for Team USA for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. 

“The next year is the big show, that’s what really matters,” said Cox. “These summers show you your progress and how your training has been paying off what you need to be doing in training and to change and alter moving forward with the end goal being 2020.”

The feel of redemption from her dialogue is almost palpable — and no one can blame her. 

When the ban was first placed, she was barred from speaking about it. She only had her parents and coach to talk to about it. 

Then, she appealed it with FINA (Fédération Internationale de Natation), the international covering body for aquatic sports, and was ultimately successful in removing it.

But the time lost was massive (about six months).

She could not represent Texas and compete in the 2018 national swim meets. So, she kept busy with school work and graduated from UT. 

“Looking too far into it or letting yourself drown in the sorrows and sadness that surround that adversity is only going to hurt you,” said Cox. 

“What I know how to do is work hard and that’s what pays off,” added Cox.