AUSTIN (KXAN) — It turns out that opposing players in Major League Soccer actually like playing in Q2 Stadium.

The MLS Players Association released its 2022 “Players Voices Poll,” and players around the league think Austin FC’s home stadium has the best playing surface and it’s their preferred place to play. Q2 Stadium has the longest sellout streak in MLS with 36 matches and an average attendance of 20,738, so the electric atmosphere in Austin resonates with players across the league.

Players around MLS also think highly of Austin FC goalkeeper Brad Stuver, naming him the most when answering the question, “Which MLS player is the most impactful in supporting their community?” for the second consecutive year.

MLS players also think Austin FC’s Diego Fagunez is one of the league’s most underrated players, and if players could choose to play for another team, Austin FC was a top choice across the league. Sebastian Driussi was the second choice for the question, “Who would you give league MVP to?”