AUSTIN (KXAN) — It’s already a heated matchup that will determine who’s best in the west, but there’s some celebrity heat behind Wednesday’s Austin FC, LAFC matchup too.

As Austinites know full well, Matthew McConaughey is a minority investor in Austin FC, but we aren’t home to the only club with celebrity backing. LAFC has the same in Will Ferrell.

The banter has already begun. McConaughey tweeted a photo of him and Ferrell — each wearing their respective teams’ gear — Wednesday morning.

“Legends vs. Angels. Ding ding,” the tweet reads.

Last year, before Austin FC’s inaugural MLS match against LAFC, McConaughey told reporters, “Will and I are having a war of words right now, we’re having fun with some words back and forth,” according to MLS.

“We’ll lay some sort of bet on it to start. I think we’ll have many more bets to come,” he added.

So what’s the bet this round? That’s to be seen.

“Those two had a fun back and forth. Will Ferrell is always willing to place bets on things, and I think Matthew McConaughey played along, so I don’t know if there’s some barbecue on the line on this one or you know what exactly what they’ve got cooking, but we’ll find out,” joked Chris Bils, senior writer for The Striker Texas.

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