BEIJING (KXAN) — The closing ceremony for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics is just a couple days away.

KXAN’s Jala Washington sat down with Craig Melvin from the TODAY Show to chat about the experience so far. 

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“Yes, [this year] has been trickier than usual, but it’s still been pretty fun to have that front-row seat to the best day of peoples’ lives,” Melvin said.

This is his fourth Olympics — his second one during the pandemic. Falling just six months after the summer Olympics, the protocols have been more strict, with no one being allowed outside of the Olympic bubble at this time.

“At the TODAY Show, certainly, one of the things we always enjoy doing is introducing the audience to the culture of the city or the people … we’ve missed that,” he said.

But there have been some small cultural experiences inside, like Lantern Festival activities and virtual tai chi.

Because of some of the restrictions, many news crews pulled out of the Games last minute.

“Our operation, we had a lot of folks who had tested positive within like the last 30 or 45 days, and so we had to make crew adjustments,” Melvin explained.

When asked why he feels it’s important for journalists to overcome barriers to cover the historic Olympics, Melvin said, “I would say especially in places like this, it’s important to have folks who professionally separate fact from fiction.”

“We have been able to, I think in the most difficult of circumstances … I’d say we pulled it off,” Melvin said.