ROUND ROCK, Texas (KXAN) — Some stories are so personal, they can bring you to tears in the middle of a noisy crowd. Amid the shouts from the stands, the announcer’s booming voice, the attention to the players on the field and the triple-digit heat, a handful of parents took time to share their emotional experiences with KXAN.

As part of our “Mobile Newsroom” at a recent Round Rock Express baseball game to tell fans about our new “Save Our Students” project, our anchors spoke one-on-one with people who had experienced bullying as a child, had grown up in violent homes and communities and have seen their own children hurt at school. But, their stories are also examples of how you can rise above such challenging situations with compassion and guidance from someone who cares. Scroll down to watch their interviews.

Brenda Garcia, Houston

Garcia speaks about the physical bullying her teenage son endured during sporting activities and how their family helped him recover and get help in the future.

Hector Rodriguez, Kyle

Rodriguez speaks about the difference growing up in a violent community and how it shaped his advice for his own children.

Rachael Gonzales, Buda

Gonzales speaks about a teacher who she says communicated with her like an adult and how it helped her navigate challenging teenage years.

Brittany Knedlik, Kyle

Knedlik speaks about her son’s concerns about bullies at school and the conversations they’ve had together about how to deal with those issues. 

Hanna Moore, Killeen

Moore speaks about her concerns over bullies, how she encourages her children to be kind and reinforces the importance of parents having open dialogues with their children.