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SMSGT (retired) Robert M. Myers Sr. (DC Law Photo)

SMSGT (retired) Robert M. Myers Sr.

Robert (Bob) joined the Air Force at 18. Was sent to Vietnam. He is what is known as a lifer. Our family moved every 3-4 years. We spent time overseas in Spain, and we lived many places all across the U.S. My parents were married for 59 years until my mother’s death in 2020. I am who I am, thanks to them.

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KXAN Service Member Salute is a partnership with Dan Christensen and DC Law to highlight all of the great service men and women throughout Central Texas. As a veteran himself, Dan has always made an effort to give back to the veteran community and through Service Member Salute he, along with KXAN and DC Law, look to honor those who have served of country.

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