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Stan M. Brooks (DC Law Photo)

Stan M. Brooks

Stan Brooks was born March 30, 1922, in Elgin, Texas. With the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Stan applied to become a pilot, but it was discovered he was red-green colorblind, which prevented him from pursuing pilot training. He was assigned to the Army Air Force where he learned about all kinds of weaponry. When the Army asked for volunteers to become crewmen on the B-17 Flying Fortress, Stan volunteered and then all recruits were sent for flight training on the B-17. Stan trained as a waist gunner, earning his corporal stripes. As part of advanced training, he began high-altitude flight training. The B-17 was not pressurized, and the waist gunner position was an open hold. The high altitude caused Stan’s ear drums to bleed, and flight surgeon grounded him. Eventually, Stan was sent on a converted banana boat, the U.S.S. General Meigs, with 5,500 other G.I.’s. After a 4-day journey they reached Salerno, Italy. Stan was assigned to an air group whose primary assignment was low-level bombing and strafing of the enemy. His unit was a part of a long, arduous, and costly campaign. The Italian campaign is often called the “forgotten campaign” of the war, resulting in greater casualties than any of the other campaigns. After the defeat of Germany, while G.I.s with longer service were sent home, Stan and those with shorter terms served were destined for Japan. However, after going through the Panama Canal and while waiting for further orders, Japan surrendered. Stan arrived in Austin in 1950 and received his Bachelor of Science in Education, followed by his master’s degree in Counseling and Educational Administration in 1955. Stan was a teacher, high school counselor, junior high principal, and supervisor of secondary counselors. He lives in Austin, Texas, and will turn 100 in March. DC Law thanks you for your service!

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KXAN Service Member Salute is a partnership with Dan Christensen and DC Law to highlight all of the great service men and women throughout Central Texas. As a veteran himself, Dan has always made an effort to give back to the veteran community and through Service Member Salute he, along with KXAN and DC Law, look to honor those who have served of country.

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