AUSTIN (KXAN) — Kim Kardashian West publicly tweeted her support for death-row inmate Rodney Reed Friday. It’s not the first time the celebrity with nearly 70 million Twitter followers has shown her support.

Reed was convicted of sexually assaulting and murdering 19-year-old Stacey Stites in Bastrop in 1996. Reed’s defense, family and supporters have maintained his innocence for more than two decades.

Posing in a black and neon yellow t-shirt depicting Reed, Kardashian West told her followers, “I STAND WITH RODNEY REED.”

In November 2019, Kardashian West tweeted she was with Reed when he learned he would not be executed, as the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals granted a stay of execution.

The month before, she also urged Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to stop Reed’s execution.

“How can you execute a man when since his trial, substantial evidence that would exonerate Rodney Reed has come forward and even implicates the other person of interest. I URGE YOU TO DO THE RIGHT THING,” she tweeted at the governor.

Reed will have a two-week evidentiary hearing starting Monday, July 19 in Bastrop, which could lead to a new trial. Reed’s defense team and the prosecution will get the chance to call witnesses and hear testimony.