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Which Na Na Na Surprise doll is best?

Na Na Na Surprise dolls combine the best of plush and plastic doll play. These dolls are cute and collectible with adorable animal-inspired outfits and accessories. If you’re looking for a beautiful set, check out the MGA Entertainment Na Na Na Surprise Lavender Kitty Family; it comes with two cute dolls and a matching plush pet.

What to know before you buy a Na Na Na Surprise doll

How it’s made

Most posable dolls are made from hard vinyl, but a Na Na Na Surprise doll uses vinyl sparingly. The head is structured with vinyl but wrapped in fabric. The face is printed onto this fabric, which extends down into the body. The doll’s body has foam inside for a soft, cuddly feel.

The eyes are large and expressive, while the outfits are all animal-themed. The hair is soft and designed to feel like real hair. Most dolls have hair that hangs ankle-length, but a few have very short hair cropped close to the doll’s head.


The original Na Na Na Surprise fashion doll is 7.5 inches tall, while the Na Na Na Surprise teen doll is 11 inches. For reference, the standard L.O.L. Surprise doll is around 3 inches, and the average Barbie doll is 12 inches tall. 

What’s in the box

Every time Na Na Na Surprise releases a new series of dolls, there are new characters, outfits and accessories. The fashion doll comes with one doll in a fun outfit wearing a hat, all of which fits in a matching animal-inspired pom purse. Each doll has a name and a birthday.

What to look for in a quality Na Na Na Surprise doll

Extra accessories

Recent additions to the collections come with additional accessories, such as a hair brush, new outfits, a plush pet, a second doll or a full bedroom set. These extras can cost a little more, but they provide a more compact playing experience that is still a greater value than buying accessories separately.

These accessories are especially useful as the Na Na Na Surprise dolls are not standard sizing. This means that most other doll clothing won’t fit properly. 

Clear packaging

While early series dolls were mostly covered inside the box, the newer dolls come in packages with clear plastic across the front. This makes it easier to see which doll you are getting and what the extras are. Collecting and comparing accessories is a lot easier this way. 


The Na Na Na Surprise dolls are themed, from basic fashion doll sets to the teen series to the slumber party series. No matter how many accessories come in the box, what’s most important is that the theme is clear, fun and well-detailed with those animal-inspired touches. Clothing and accessories should blend the animal-inspired design with the theme’s specific accessories.

How much you can expect to spend on a Na Na Na Surprise doll

Dolls costs $10-$60, depending on the number of dolls included in a package and the accessories.

Na Na Na Surprise doll FAQ

What’s the age range for this toy?

A. The manufacturer recommends these dolls for children 5 to 10 years old because there are small pieces.

Do you know which doll you’re getting?

A. The box doesn’t always make it easy to tell which doll you’ll get, but unlike other “surprise” toys, you can look up the sticker on the front to find out which doll is being sold. 

Does the teen doll come with a pom purse?

A. The little clip-on pouch with a 7.5-inch fashion doll is not included with the teen doll. Instead, the teen doll comes with a hairbrush.

What’s the best Na Na Na Surprise doll to buy?

Top Na Na Na Surprise doll

Best MGA Entertainment Na! Na! Na! Surprise Lavender Kitty Family

MGA Entertainment Na Na Na Surprise Lavender Kitty Family

What you need to know: The set comes with a 7.5-inch fashion doll Sophie Belle, 11-inch teen big sister doll Margot Belle and a 4.5-inch pet cat.

What you’ll love: The sisters and pet cat are soft and plush. Each doll has long purple hair with pink and purple outfits, silver hair accessories, matching shoes and fuzzy pink cat-ear hats. The pink cat is named Bisous, which means “kisses” in French. All outfits and accessories are removable.

What you should consider: There are no extra outfits and the sister dolls are different sizes so you can’t swap clothes between the two dolls. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Na Na Na Surprise doll for the money

Best MGA Entertainment Na! Na! Na! Surprise Teens Slumber Party Lara Vonn

MGA Entertainment Na Na Na Surprise Teens Slumber Party Lara Vonn

What you need to know: The set comes with an 11-inch doll named Lara Vonn and teddy bear-themed camping accessories.

What you’ll love: Lara is wearing cute teddy bear pajamas and teddy bear hair ties with matching teddy bear slippers. There’s a sleeping bag, pillow, eye mask and hair brush. Every detail is cute and on theme.

What you should consider: The hair comes out if brushed too much.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Best MGA Entertainment Na! Na! Na! Surprise 3-In-1 Backpack Bedroom Playset

MGA Entertainment Na Na Na Surprise 3-In-1 Backpack Bedroom Playset

What you need to know: The set comes with a 7.5-inch fashion doll named Sarah Snuggles, teddy bear-themed bedroom accessories and a backpack case. 

What you’ll love: Your child can wear this fuzzy teddy bear backpack that opens up into a bedroom for Sarah. Sarah has a teddy hat, teddy shoes and a matching jacket. There’s a bed, two pink pillows, a hair brush, a mirror and a clothing rack. 

What you should consider: The hat is not removable.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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