A dollhouse is a great way to inspire creative, imaginative play. With all those rooms to explore, your child can furnish the house in all kinds of ways and send toys off on fun adventures. A dollhouse is also a great way to keep little loose toys off the floor. Just have your child tuck everything away in the rooms at the end of the day and cleanup is easy.

In this article: Kidkraft Brooklyn’s Loft Dollhouse, Pidoko Wooden Dollhouse and Melissa & Doug Fold & Go Dollhouse.


It’s important to consider scale when considering dollhouses. For instance, if your child primarily plays with Barbie dolls, you’ll want a dollhouse-sized to that scale. The scale numbers compare inches to feet and are especially important when picking out dollhouse furniture or accessories. You want all beds, couches and tables to fit appropriately.

Popular dollhouse scale sizes include:

  • 1:6 scale: Known as the playscale or “fashion scale,” this size is most popular for Barbie dolls and action figures that are under 15 inches tall.
  • 1:12 scale: This is considered standard size and most dollhouse accessories are readily available in this size. It’s more popular among professional collectors but can be suitable for dolls under 6 inches tall.
  • 1:24 scale: While it’s harder to find furniture to fit this scale, this is a compact option that’s great for small spaces and dolls under 3 inches tall.


A dollhouse can be portable or stationary, depending on the design. A portable dollhouse usually opens and closes with a lock mechanism to secure the walls and a handle that makes carrying it a breeze. Stationary dollhouses are bigger with larger rooms and more floors, but they aren’t easy to move. A stationary dollhouse is best left at a fixed location, such as a bedroom floor or a table in a playroom.


Some dollhouses are more extensively furnished than others. A fully furnished and decorated dollhouse is ready for play right away and can include special light or movement features. However, a completely finished dollhouse doesn’t leave as much room for personalization.

An unfinished dollhouse is a blank slate. Setting up the house with furniture and paint means you’ve got a crafting project and a toy all wrapped into one. The type of house you choose depends on your child’s interests and which dolls or figurines they intend to play with inside the house.

Best dollhouses for 7- to 15-inch figurines

best Kidkraft Brooklyn's Loft Dollhouse

Kidkraft Brooklyn’s Loft Dollhouse

With chic urban style, this wooden three-story dollhouse is fully furnished with six rooms and two outdoor areas, including a balcony and a fire escape. It comes with 25 decorative accessories, lights and sound elements.

Sold by Amazon and Wayfair

best Barbie 3-Story House with Pop-Up Umbrella

Barbie 3-Story House with Pop-Up Umbrella

This plastic, foldable three-story house is designed to fit Barbie and all her friends with four rooms and rooftop seating under a pop-up umbrella. There’s an elevator and over 20 pieces of furniture and accessories.

Sold by Amazon

best Kidkraft Bonita Rosa Dollhouse

Kidkraft Bonita Rose Dollhouse

This three-story wooden dollhouse has four pink rooms with stickers so your child can customize the walls. There are seven wooden accessories including a bed, sofa and bathtub.

Sold by Amazon

best Teamson Kids Fancy Mansion Doll House

Teamson Kids Fancy Mansion Doll House

This three-story wooden dollhouse has five rooms and a small outdoor balcony. It’s made from recycled materials and comes with all furnishings.

Sold by Wayfair


Best dollhouses for 4- to 7-inch figurines

best Pidoko Wooden Dollhouse

Pidoko Wooden Dollhouse

This pink three-floor house includes five rooms, plus a small third-story balcony. It comes with 12 accessories, and extra furniture is painted into the background.

Sold by Amazon

best Rofitall Attractive Dollhouse

Rofitall Attractive Dollhouse

This wooden dollhouse has three floors and five rooms, plus a small second-story balcony. It comes with over 24 pieces of pink and white furniture that can be arranged in different ways.

Sold by Wayfair

best Rofitall Vintage Dollhouse

Rofitall Vintage Dollhouse

This vintage-inspired wooden dollhouse has a red brick motif, two standard levels and a large third-floor attic that can be concealed by a fold-over roof panel. There are five spacious rooms and plenty of accessories to mix and match, along with a fold-out garden space on the first floor.

Sold by Wayfair

best You & Me Happy Together Dollhouse

You & Me Happy Together Dollhouse

This purple three-story plastic house has 10 rooms that open and close for immersive play and compact cleanup. There are lights and sounds. The house comes with two parent and two child figurines, but all furniture is sold separately, encouraging your child to really customize the spaces.

Sold by Amazon

best Hape All-Season Unfurnished Dollhouse

Hape All-Season Unfurnished Dollhouse

This geometrically designed wooden dollhouse boasts bright colors with six rooms, two staircases, reversible winter and summer themes and a faux solar panel roof. There are several floors but very few walls, so your child can explore the house from any angle.

Sold by Amazon

Best dollhouses for 1- to 3-inch figurines

best Best Choice Products Deluxe Cottage Dollhouse

Best Choice Products Deluxe Cottage Dollhouse

This elaborate plastic house has three indoor floors and a rooftop level. It includes over 200 accessories and comes with two 3-inch critter figurines.

Sold by Amazon

best Melissa & Doug Fold & Go Dollhouse

Melissa & Doug Fold & Go Dollhouse

This foldable wooden house has two floors and a carrying handle for portability. It comes with two dolls and 11 pieces of wooden furniture, and if you prime it first, the natural wood tone can be painted for a custom look.

Sold by Amazon

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best Melissa & Doug Dollhouse

best Kidkraft Grand View Mansion Dollhouse

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