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Which trampolines for kids are best?

Trampolines are an excellent way to keep kids active. Many parents love it when their kids use trampolines since it gives them something active to do. However, choosing a fun and safe trampoline can be challenging, especially if you don’t know what to look for. If you’re looking for a trampoline that’s perfect for kids, both parents and children adore the safe, compact design of the Fashionsport Outfitters Trampoline with Safety Enclosure.

What to know before you buy a trampoline for kids


Most trampolines use springs to make people bounce. Springs provide a lot of bounce, but they can pinch skin if your hands or legs get too close. When buying a trampoline with springs, consider adding a spring guard for extra safety. Some trampolines use bungee loops instead of springs. Bungee loops provide additional protection but give less bounce than springs.

Safety considerations

There are several safety precautions you need to keep in mind before purchasing a trampoline for your children. Mayo Clinic recommends only allowing children ages 6 and up to use trampolines. And no matter their age, you should always supervise your children when they play on a trampoline. Monitor how many children are using it, as many trampoline injuries occur when multiple people bounce simultaneously or when someone tries to jump off. Also, ensure your children use the trampoline in dry conditions since wet trampoline nets can be extremely slippery.


You’ll most likely need to assemble your trampoline after you purchase it. Assembly is usually as simple as sliding the poles together and adding springs. Still, ensure you pay close attention to the instructions when assembling a trampoline. Assembling trampolines incorrectly can create additional safety hazards.

Weight limit

If you have more than one child using the trampoline, check the product descriptions to determine how much weight your model can handle. Smaller trampolines support anywhere from 150-250 pounds. Many larger trampolines can support up to 400 pounds.


Round trampolines are ideal for one to two children. However, if you have multiple children bouncing simultaneously, they may cause each other to bounce higher than intended. Oval-shaped trampolines are similar to round models but are less likely to cause injuries. Rectangular trampolines are the least common, but they are often the safest option.

What to look for in a quality trampoline for kids

Safety features

Safety nets ensure your child won’t fall off while they’re bouncing. Make sure you find a durable safety net. If the poles supporting the net aren’t sturdy, they may fall inward as your child bounces. Foam-covered support bars offer additional safety, as do padded handrails. Handrails let your children support themselves while they’re jumping.


Durability is an essential consideration when buying a trampoline. Check the product description for more information about materials, assembly and more. Also, take time to assemble the trampoline properly, as this plays a significant role in your trampoline’s durability. Look at reviews to learn more about the trampoline and its track record.

Indoor vs. outdoor

Many children’s trampolines are small enough to place inside. Indoor trampolines are ideal for people with small yards, and children can use them year-round. When using a trampoline indoors, ensure you place it far away from home decor items that may pose safety hazards.

Outdoor trampolines are ideal if you have a bigger yard and want your child to spend more time outside. When setting a trampoline outside, ensure you place it on level ground. Consider placing it on soft grass away from tree branches, fences and other obstructions.

How much you can expect to spend on a trampoline for kids

Trampolines for kids range in price depending on size, shape, brand and extra features. Children’s trampolines typically cost $80-$120.

Trampoline for kids FAQ

How tall are children’s trampolines?

A. Many trampolines with nets are 5-8 feet when assembled. Smaller trampolines without nets are usually less than 1-foot tall.

Do trampolines require maintenance?

A. Keeping trampoline springs clear of debris will extend your trampoline’s life. Trampoline material will degrade over time, but it’s easy enough to replace them. Examine your trampoline often to ensure it is safe to use, and look for signs of wear and tear.

How long do trampolines take to assemble?

A. It takes about two to four hours to assemble a large trampoline. Small indoor trampolines take around an hour or less to put together.

What’s the best trampoline for kids to buy?

Top trampoline for kids

Fashionsport OUTFITTERS Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

Fashionsport Outfitters Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

What you need to know: This small trampoline is ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

What you’ll love: The durable, alloy steel frame will hold up over time. It also comes with a cushioned mat to cover the springs. This trampoline is small enough for young children to climb in and out quickly. Parents loved how easy this model was to assemble and the safety net. 

What you should consider: The safety net isn’t exceptionally sturdy.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top trampoline for kids for the money

2022 Upgraded Dinosaur Mini Trampoline for Kids

2022 Upgraded Dinosaur Mini Trampoline for Kids

What you need to know: This small trampoline is durable and fun, perfect for little ones who have a lot of energy.

What you’ll love: This option includes a padded safety bar kids can hold while they jump. You can fold down the safety bar for easy storage, too. This option is spring-free for added safety, and the fun dinosaur design will appeal to most young children. Assembly is quite easy, but if you have questions, the manufacturer’s customer service team is highly responsive.

What you should consider: The safety bar tends to wiggle as children jump.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Doufit Trampoline with Adjustable Handle

Doufit Trampoline with Adjustable Handle

What you need to know: If you have two children who would like to use a trampoline, this is an ideal choice.

What you’ll love: It features a padded safety bar, and unlike most other trampolines, two children can use this model safely at the same time. This trampoline can support up to 220 pounds, and the springs are covered with a padded mat. Parents can adjust the safety bar’s height easily, too.

What you should consider: The yellow paint on the trampoline begins to flake after a few days.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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