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Which Asics running shoes are best?

What’s great about running is that you can do it almost anywhere and you don’t need much equipment except for a good pair of shoes. Running shoes are designed to provide the support and cushioning needed to improve performance and prevent injury.

Asics was founded in Kobe, Japan, in 1949 to uplift and inspire the Japanese youth to develop a more active lifestyle. It is now a brand that makes a wide variety of athletic shoes, but it has become known specifically for its running shoes.

Finding the right pair of Asics running shoes depends on the type of running you do, but generally, the best is Asics Gel-Venture 7 Running Shoes.

What to know before you buy Asics running shoes

Trail running shoes 

Not all running shoes are created equal, and shoes have features designed with specific surfaces and goals in mind.

Trail running shoes are specifically designed to provide support and cushion when running on uneven terrain. They tend to be heavier than the average running shoe and have a thicker bottom tread to create a better grip.  

If you’re a serious trail runner who plans to run long distances or venture off the beaten path, you want to make sure you’re prepared. You might benefit from a running backpack or a running watch to enhance performance even further.

Further vs. faster

Running shoes can vary, and so do runners. You want to consider your personal goals before selecting a running shoe. Asics has made that process easier by designing running shoes that fit into two categories:

  • Further: These shoes are more durable and built for distance.
  • Faster: These shoes are lighter and designed to help you achieve your best time.


Asics running shoes come in all standard sizes. However, since cushion, fit and support are so important in a quality running shoe, you also want to consider width and pronation. Pronation is how your foot rolls after your heel lands on the ground, and it’s slightly different for everyone. Asics has designed shoes for overpronation and underpronation to help you avoid common injuries associated with each condition.

What to look for in quality Asics running shoes

Recycled materials

To minimize the environmental footprint of its products, Asics has begun replacing standard polyester in its shoes and outerwear with recycled polyester. The goal is for the company to achieve net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050.


This shock-absorbing technology was designed to propel you forward and create a more efficient stride by reducing ankle flexion. This means your leg muscles won’t have to work as hard. The result is that you may feel less fatigued during long runs. 


This technology makes Asics running shoes lightweight without compromising cushion and fit. It uses ballistic-grade, elastic fibers commonly found in bulletproof vests to create a sole with 75% more cushion while being 55% lighter. 

Gel technology

Strategically placing the gel in the rear and forefoot reduces impact and improves shock absorption when running. The Asics running shoes that use this technology provide more stability and increased comfort over long distances. This lets you run more naturally, so you can improve your performance.

How much you can expect to spend on Asics running shoes

The cost of Asics running shoes can vary depending on the size, model and if it’s a newer or older line, but they start at $35 and go up to $350.

Asics running shoes FAQ

How long do Asics running shoes last?

A. It depends on how much you run, the conditions and the surface type. Your weight and running style can also impact the lifespan of your running shoes. It’s recommended that you replace them every 300 to 500 miles.

Can running shoes be worn when playing other sports?

A.  Yes, but it also depends on the sport because you might be more susceptible to injury if you aren’t wearing the proper shoes. Running shoes were designed to provide support when running. Your movements during other sports, such as basketball, are much different, so shoes for those sports are designed accordingly. 

What are the best Asics running shoes to buy?

Top Asics running shoes

Asics Gel-Venture 7 Running Shoes

Asics Gel-Venture 7 Running Shoes

What you need to know: Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, this shoe is designed for those who love to run outdoors.

What you’ll love: Made from synthetic leather, the upper provides extra support, while the GEL technology and EVA midsole provide shock absorption in the heel. The Ortholite sock liner molds to the foot for an extra layer of protection. These shoes become more comfortable the more you wear them.

What you should consider: Some customers note that these tend to fit differently than the previous Gel-Venture models.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods

Top Asics running shoes for the money

Asics Jolt 2 Running Shoes

Asics Jolt 2 Running Shoes

What you need to know: A running shoe built to last, this model has the support and energized cushioning technology to keep you comfortable.

What you’ll love: The molded rubber outsole makes the shoe tough and durable, while the mesh upper provides the right amount of airflow so your feet won’t overheat. If you like to run at night or early in the morning, the reflective details will help make you more visible to drivers on the road.

What you should consider: Some customers found these shoes to be less stylish than some newer and more expensive Asics models.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Asics Noosa TRI 13 Running Shoes

Asics Noosa TRI 13 Running Shoes

What you need to know: These elite running shoes were built for triathletes but can also benefit a wide range of runners.

What you’ll love: Lighter than the previous model, the Guidesole and FlyteFoam technologies take pressure off the lower body and reduce movement of the lower ankle, which helps runners feel fresh during long runs. The durable outsole was made to extend the life of the shoe.

What you should consider: These are higher-quality shoes, so they are more expensive and not essential for beginners looking for basic running shoes.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods


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