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Which small animal hammocks are best?

A small animal enclosure is not complete without the cozy addition of a hammock. Hanging beds are a practical and affordable cage accessory that pets use for napping and playing alike. These contraptions are essential for a fully furnished pet enclosure, and there are hammocks of all sizes and shapes to choose from. The YRH Small Animals 2 Piece Hammock is an especially easy bed to install and has a unique design that can fit most small creatures.

What to know before you buy a small animal hammock

Small animal hammocks are not one size fits all. It is imperative to buy a hammock that is made with non-toxic dyes and fabrics to ensure that the animal is safe. Even if the product is sturdy, the durability may not be built to hold up to more rambunctious creatures. Always be aware of the clasps that fasten the hammock to the cage, and be sure that the hammock can be hung securely.


It’s easy to unconditionally trust pet toy manufacturers to make products that are toxin-free and safe. However, with the saturated market of pet toys and goods, it is always encouraged to double-check the manufacturing process of the product you have your eye on. A quick look over the fabrics and dyes used can help assure any pet owner that they are making the best purchase for their small critter. Eight common toxins that should be avoided are PVC, phthalates, BPA, lead, chromium, formaldehyde, cadmium and bromine.


A well-crafted product should be durable, but even durable products are susceptible to the rough-housing of small animals. Small animals especially like to gnaw and chew on toys, and the hammock may not be an exception. This is why it is best to have a hammock made of safe products. Critters that sink their teeth into anything would probably be best matched with a plastic or canvas hammock, since the material will take longer to break down.

Utility Attachments

The end goal is to buy a hammock that can be attached properly to either the top of the cage or one of the leveled floors. Investigate the hanging clasps attached to the product to be sure that they can be used for the type of cage it will be going into. Clasps can be made of metal, velcro or snap buttons. Metal is typically the safest as it is the most sturdy and has no small parts that can be swallowed by a small creature.

What to look for in a quality small animal hammock

Finding the right design and size of a hammock is just the start to finding the perfect accessory addition for a pet enclosure. Easy clean and wash instructions are an additional perk, one that is quite important, since cleaning up after animals is a regular chore.


Options in small animal hammocks are not limited to different colors and patterns. Hanging beds come in novelty shapes and themed designs that fit with all aesthetic preferences. Some hammocks are simply hanging beds, while others can be multileveled with dangling toy attachments.

It’s important to remember that animals have preferences too. If a small critter prefers a certain style of shelter, prioritize finding something that best suits their needs.  


Finding the perfect design for a hammock is only one step. Different hammocks are meant for different species. While there are a lot of small animals, the term is broad. Check the item description for which types of pets the contraption is made for. Some hammocks are designed for tiny mammals, like hamsters and gerbils, but have no hope of fitting something larger, like a ferret. The hammock needs to fit both the animal and the cage. While a small hammock may be too tight for a pet, a large hammock may lay too close to the ground or not have space to hang evenly.

Wash Instructions

Animal cages should be thoroughly cleaned about once a week. These weekly cleanings can take up hours of the day, but easing up on the workload is simple enough with machine washable products. Luckily many hammocks are washer and dryer-friendly if the hanging clips are removed.

Keep in mind that using the washer and dryer will wear and tear on the hammock more than a traditional hand wash. If durability is the bigger concern, try to hand wash your products. Don’t forget to check that all detergents and soaps are animal friendly.

How much you can expect to spend on a small animal hammock

Most small animal hammocks range from $7-$15. More intricately designed hammocks and sets with toys typically cost up to $20.

Small animal hammock FAQ

What small animals use hammocks?

A. Assuming the hammock has enough space, any small animal can use a hammock. Guinea pigs, hamsters, ferrets, rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas, flying squirrels and ferrets can all fit in small animal hammocks if it is accessible to them. Even parrots, small birds and reptiles can take interest in a hanging bed. As nature would have it, no animal is guaranteed to be fascinated by the contraption, and their level of interest lies in their own inclination.

What types of hammocks are best for animals that like to chew?

A. If your pet is partial to consuming the inedible toys bestowed upon them, lean towards buying hammocks made of tougher materials. Remember that nothing is truly “chew proof,” since animal teeth can gnaw through most hard materials. Heavier fabrics and metal suspension clips will withstand small creatures far longer than weaker plastic counterparts.

What are the best small animal hammocks to buy?

Top small animal hammock

YRH Small Animals Hammock 2 Pieces

YRH Small Animals Hammock 2 Pieces

What you need to know: A double-layer hammock with an additional cushion that is suitable for small pets. It is made of fleece materials and hung by four metal hooks.

What you’ll love: The fleece hammock comes with an additional layer for extra comfort. It has four removable hooks that make it machine washable. The hammock can be purchased on its own without the additional cushion, and there is a larger version also available.

What you should consider: The hammock is very small, and the dimensions should be considered. There are conflicting reviews from people who purchased the product, and it is safe to say that this hammock is fit for small rodents but nothing larger.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top small animal hammock for the money

Kaytee Small Animal Sleeper Hammock

Kaytee Small Animal Sleeper Hammock

What you need to know: This blue hammock is made of polyester.

What you’ll love: The hammock has four durable straps that allow it to be installed in wire cages. It is made of a polyester fabric that is well padded and machine washable.

What you should consider: The fabric is not overly soft, and reviewers recommend adding an extra layer of comfort to the hammock. Some people also reported that the hammock is too large for especially small cages.

Where to buy: Sold by Chewy

Worth checking out

DMISOCHR Hanging Tunnel Hammock

DMISOCHR Hanging Tunnel Hammock

What you need to know: A whimsical hanging tunnel hammock in the shape of a tree branch is a great addition to any cage.

What you’ll love: This hammock has a long fleece interior and a short fleece exterior which make it both warm and durable. It hangs by removable metal spring buckles, which are more resistant to pet chewing. The tunnel is large enough to fit most small pets.

What you should consider: Considering the length of this hammock, it may not fit in smaller cages. It is not especially easy to clean due to its shape.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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