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Which Chewy dog ramps are best?

Much like their human companions, dogs enjoy lounging and relaxing on soft furniture. However, reaching comfortable sofas and mattresses can be challenging for animals that aren’t adept climbers. If your pet is especially small, a senior or in poor physical health, you need a dog ramp to assist them in reaching their preferred resting spots. Even young, healthy dogs will benefit from avoiding the stress that climbing and jumping can put on their joints over time.

The PetSafe CozyUp Foldable Cat & Dog Stairs, available from Chewy, is an easy-to-clean, lightweight way to allow your dog access to the coziest places in the house. It folds up for simple storage and can be moved easily from one room to another.

What to know before you buy a Chewy dog ramp

Where you will use your dog ramp

While most people imagine dog ramps as indoor accessories that allow small dogs to climb into bed with their owners, plenty of dog owners also use them to assist their pets in climbing into and out of vehicles. Pet ramps built specifically for this purpose are more durable and rugged than indoor ramps, with many catering to owners who want to provide their dog with easy access to the back of their vehicle after a day spent outdoors. Consider where you will be using your dog ramp to select an appropriate model.

The size and health of your dog

Your dog’s size plays a key role in determining which ramp will be the best for you. Small dogs will require ramps with shorter steps, whereas larger dogs may only need one or two. However, if you have an older dog who finds settling into its favorite couch difficult due to arthritis or other health issues, a ramp with no steps at all may be in order. Think carefully about your pet’s size, athleticism and health while shopping for a dog ramp.

Your living space

Dog ramps can take up quite a bit of space, especially in a small bedroom that is largely occupied by a king or queen-sized mattress. Be sure to measure the area that you plan to use your dog ramp in to ensure that you will have enough room for it. Areas that are too tight may also hinder your pet’s ability to climb the ramp.

What to look for in a quality Chewy dog ramp


  • Carpeted dog ramps tend to look best indoors but can be challenging to clean and may be damaged by sharp claws and overuse. Older dogs, or those who may suffer from sore paws, will likely find a carpeted dog ramp to be the most comfortable to use.
  • Plastic dog ramps are lightweight and easy to clean. However, they can look utilitarian when placed in an otherwise nicely decorated room. Most ramps built specifically for outdoor or vehicle use will be made from rugged plastic.
  • Wood dog ramps are also easily cleaned and aesthetically pleasing but can be heavy. Sharp claws can scratch them over time, and their smooth surfaces may not be ideal for some dogs.


Your dog ramp should be strong enough to hold the weight of your pet without too much flexing. Even robust dog ramps can be worn out quickly if used for pets that are too big for them. 


Make sure that your dog ramp is sized appropriately, not only for your pet but also for the environment it will be used in and where you need it to reach. Stairs for small dogs should reach as close to the top of furniture as possible. Ramps used for allowing dogs to climb into automobiles should be long enough to reach inside the vehicle without having to make their angle too steep.


From carpeted models to those made from stained wood, it’s generally easy to find a dog ramp that will closely match your indoor aesthetic and furniture. Select a model that appeals to your taste, but be sure to prioritize its functionality relative to your pet over its looks.


Some dog ramps are simply flat platforms that you can lean onto or attach to the level you want accessible to your pet. Dogs that are especially sensitive to climbing due to health issues will find relief in a ramp without stairs. Others, usually those meant for indoor use, feature stairs. Stairs allow for a smaller device that takes up less room and generally looks better indoors. For especially tall furniture, stairs are recommended. 


Many dog ramp models can be folded up for storage when not in use. This is an excellent feature for those who bring their pets camping or on other trips, as the ramp can be condensed and placed in the trunk of your vehicle. Some indoor models also collapse for quick storage under a bed or couch.

How much you can expect to spend on a Chewy dog ramp

From $25-$300, the price range of the dog ramps available on Chewy varies widely due to material, size and branding. Most dog owners should expect to spend around $100 for a dependable, functional dog ramp.

Chewy dog ramp FAQ

Will my dog be afraid of the ramp?

A. This largely depends on your dog’s personality. Most dogs immediately understand the functionality of a ramp and are more than happy to use one in order to climb onto comfortable furniture. However, some smaller breeds may be afraid of heights. Encouragement with treats generally helps fearful dogs to throw caution to the wind.

Are dog ramps dangerous?

A. Any time your pet is above ground level, there is the potential for injury from a fall. While young pets are typically resilient enough to recover after a spill off the sofa, older, heavier animals may get hurt. If you have a dog that suffers from pain or requires special care to avoid injury, consult your vet prior to purchasing a dog ramp.

Are dog ramps good for dogs?

A. Dogs aren’t built for climbing and research has shown that repeated jumping and leaping can put undue stress on your pet’s joints. This means that the use of a dog ramp is a great preventative strategy to avoid future health issues. For breeds that are prone to hip complications, ramps and stairs are always recommended.

What’s the best Chewy dog ramp to buy?

Top Chewy dog ramp

PetSafe CozyUp Foldable Cat & Dog Stairs

PetSafe CozyUp Foldable Cat & Dog Stairs

What you need to know: This foldable dog ramp combines the best of both plastic and carpet construction.

What you’ll love: With its plastic build, this dog ramp is light and easy to clean. Its carpeted stairs provide grip and padding for delicate paws and its rubber feet prevent it from slipping on smooth floors. It collapses easily, so it can slide under a bed or couch.

What you should consider: The size of this ramp is not ideal for larger breeds.

Where to buy: Sold by Chewy

Top Chewy dog ramp for the money

Frisco Foldable Nonslip Cat & Dog Stairs

Frisco Foldable Nonslip Cat & Dog Stairs

What you need to know: Available in three colors, these affordable plastic pet stairs are great for smaller dogs.

What you’ll love: Optional rubber feet keep this ramp secure on wood or tile floors. Easily cleaned, lightweight plastic makes this ramp easy to move and maintain. Carpeted stairs provide traction and a foldable design makes for easy storage.

What you should consider: This ramp is so light that only small dogs are able to use it without it moving under them.

Where to buy: Sold by Chewy

Worth checking out

PetSafe CozyUp Wooden Cat & Dog Ramp

PetSafe CozyUp Wooden Cat & Dog Ramp

What you need to know: This large ramp can accommodate dogs of all sizes.

What you’ll love: Sturdy wood construction and a carpet padding make this ramp ideal for larger breeds up to 120 pounds. Available in two attractive colors, this ramp can be used in the bedroom or to allow your pet to climb onto a sofa.

What you should consider: This ramp is large and does not fold up, which means it has to be a semi-permanent fixture in your room.

Where to buy: Sold by Chewy

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