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An in-depth review of OXO’s cold brew coffee maker

Coffee is an integral part of breakfast time for many people. Although classic drip coffee and espresso are immensely popular, they’re also highly acidic. Acidic beverages can weaken tooth enamel and upset your stomach, especially if you drink them often.

To get the same (or better) delicious coffee flavor without the high levels of acid, consider trying the cold brew method. While it’s not as well-known as traditional brewing methods, making cold brew isn’t difficult. To see just how easy it can be, we tried the OXO 32-ounce Cold Brew Coffee Maker. As it turns out, it’s an exceptionally simple way to brew satisfying coffee that won’t give you a stomachache.

Testing the OXO 32-ounce cold brew coffee maker

Our testing process was simple. Our tester had a decent amount of experience brewing coffee and tea in traditional methods as well as batch brew and espresso. However, their only previous experience with cold brew was a makeshift method using a mason jar.

One of the reasons we decided to test this particular brand and model is due to our experience with other OXO products. OXO kitchen tools almost always deliver great value and plenty of functionality. While OXO products don’t usually feel like ultra-premium pieces of equipment, they are quite reliable.

To get a feel for the device, we started from the beginning, paying close attention to packaging and setup. The big payoff, of course, wasn’t until we’d completed the required steps for a delicious pot of smooth, low-acid java.

What is the OXO 32-ounce cold brew coffee maker?

As far as construction and components go, there’s a big difference between OXO’s Cold Brew Coffee Maker and a traditional coffee machine. The OXO has no electrical or moving parts — just keep it clean and avoid breaking any of the glass components.

This cold brew coffee maker consists of a specialized reservoir for steeping, mounted on a stand that sits above a glass beaker. It uses a fine stainless steel mesh that filters the coffee and keeps grounds out of the end product. Just below the mesh screen, there’s a simple valve that lets the steeped coffee drain out.

OXO 32-ounce cold brew coffee maker price and where to buy

The OXO 32-ounce cold brew coffee maker is available at Amazon for around $42. That’s a little more expensive than its competition, but the ease of use and quality build justify the price.

How to use the OXO 32-ounce cold brew coffee maker

We were happy to find the coffee maker arrived well-packaged. We noticed the manufacturer went to great lengths to ensure you won’t have to worry about anything breaking during shipping.

The instructions weren’t super clear in terms of how much coffee to use or how long to let it steep, but some quick research answered all of our questions. It works best by far with freshly ground beans.

The most effective ratio is four parts water to one part of coarse coffee grounds. You need to let the coffee steep for at least 12 hours, but if you prefer a strong brew, you can let it steep up to 24 hours. Keep in mind the cold brew will be highly concentrated, and most people dilute it with cold water or milk before drinking it.

Putting the unit together and using it is particularly simple. First, put the coffee grounds in the reservoir and place it on top of the stand. Then, close the valve, put the lid on the reservoir and pour 32 ounces of water through the lid in a circular motion. The various small holes in the filter allow water to steep evenly throughout the coffee grounds.

Once you’ve steeped the coffee for at least 12 hours, it’s time to drain the concentrate. Check the stainless steel and paper filters on the valve to ensure you don’t get any wayward coffee grounds in your coffee. Place the carafe under the valve and open the valve to allow the coffee to drain out.

OXO 32-ounce cold brew coffee maker benefits

  • Simple to use: All you really have to do is pour water over ground coffee and wait. Cleaning it is probably more effort than actually making the coffee.
  • Attractive appearance: Unlike the boring plastic attachments some competitors use, this cold brew coffee maker won’t be an eyesore on your counter.
  • Makes plenty of coffee: 32 ounces of cold brew coffee contains a considerable amount of flavor and caffeine. Unless you have a high caffeine tolerance, it will take you some time to get through an entire pot.

OXO 32-ounce cold brew coffee maker drawbacks

  • Fragile glass carafe: While it’s made from borosilicate glass (which is more resilient than common soda lime glass), it’s still not very durable. Oxo does sell a replacement carafe, but it’s just as fragile as the original.
  • Takes up a decent amount of counter space: It’s slightly bulkier and taller than most of the competition.
  • The brewing process takes a while: This con applies to all cold brew coffee methods, not just OXO’s. You need to plan for at least 12 hours of steeping time or else you won’t have your energy-boosting java when you need it.
  • Cleaning requires a little extra attention: Take extra care when cleaning to ensure you scrub out all the used grounds, which like to hide in nooks and crannies. If you have a spray nozzle on your faucet, you should be able to get everything out.

Should you get the OXO 32-ounce cold brew coffee maker?

OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Our testing indicates that the OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker creates concentrate that’s at least as strong as its competitors. Whether you’re new to cold brew or you want an easy-to-use cold brew setup, it’s a great investment.

You should get the OXO cold brew coffee maker if you can spare the counter space and if you’re willing to carefully wash it by hand. If you don’t have the room or patience to let it sit overnight or longer, a more compact coffee maker such as a moka pot might be a better choice.

Consider other products

Toddy Cold Brew System

Toddy Cold Brew System

This popular cold brew maker takes up a little less space than OXO’s, but doesn’t look nearly as nice.

Sold by Amazon

KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker

KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker

This convenient option comes in 28-ounce and 38-ounce versions and has a built-in tap. However, it’s even bulkier than the OXO.

Sold by Amazon

OvalWare RJ3 Cold Brew Maker

OvalWare RJ3 Cold Brew Maker

With little more than a glass carafe and a mesh steeping insert, this is the simplest way to make cold brew and takes up minimal counter space. However, it’s tough to clean and doesn’t deliver the strongest results.

Sold by Amazon

Bialetti Moka Express

Bialetti Moka Express

If you don’t have the patience or planning for cold brew, this classic appliance is the quickest way to make coffee that’s nearly as strong as espresso.

Sold by Amazon


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