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Although running, cycling and frisbee rank high as seasonal favorites that get the blood pumping, this year, many people are searching for new activities and products that will motivate them to keep moving. 

BestReviews’ Jacob Palmer joins Gary Gelfand and Scott Moak of “Studio40 Live” to share the top fitness trends worth exploring this season. Palmer explains most people are searching for products that keep them on their feet.

Fitness Trackers continue to trend as the leading fitness investments. Not only are there dozens of models on the market covering all types of users and their needs, but they’re only becoming more intuitive and capable. 

The Fitbit Charge 5, says Palmer, is Fitbit’s newest model that helps people get the extra motivation to “get up and get active.” Besides tracking steps and reminding users to move after long periods of sitting, it optimizes workouts by tracking heart rate, caloric burn and Active Zone minutes. The Fitbit Charge 5 also comes with a free six-month trial of Fitbit Premium that unlocks access to personalized insights and hundreds of workout videos and guided programs. 

For anyone exploring new outdoor activities this season, Palmer says that pickleball is one of the hottest games around. “It’s so popular right now. Even if you wanted to play tennis, your court might be turned into a pickleball court by now.” Palmer explains that pickleball is a combination of table tennis, tennis and badminton — but it also has a few “quirky rules” that keep players on their toes. 

Part of pickleball’s appeal is its overall affordability to play.  Pickleball starter sets, typically recommended for new players, include two basic paddles and a ball for around $50. Experienced and competitive players, on the other hand, often gravitate to specialized pickleball paddles that cost upwards of $100. Regardless of experience level — or which pickleball paddles you’re using — Palmer says the goal is to “get out there and give it a shot.”

Besides fun, new activities to keep moving, Palmer says that many people are looking for recovery products that help them unwind after tough workouts. Massage guns, which have exploded in popularity in the past few years, use percussion or vibration therapy to loosen stiff muscles and stimulate blood flow around them. They also fall into the category of self-care and de-stressing devices.

Although the Theragun Pro remains a top choice in the space, especially among elite athletes, the $600 price tag isn’t for everyone. However, Palmer says there are several affordable alternatives worth considering, such as the  iReliev percussion gun. It retails for around $200 and includes four attachments similar to those included with premium massage guns. And if you’re looking to save even more on the iReliev gun, Palmer says it goes on sale often.

For anyone wondering what fitness trackers, pickleball gear and massage guns have in common, it boils down to the season’s overarching fitness theme: get on your feet. Each one plays an important role in keeping people active or helping them meet their fitness goals. “Movement is the name of the game,” says Palmer. 

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