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Which rattan headboard is best?

Rattan headboards scream “island getaway.” These thin reeds of palm woven tightly together bring a little bit of a tropical feel into your home. Unlike wicker, which is simply the style of weaving that can be completed with wood, plastic or cloth, rattan uses natural materials to create sometimes-intricate designs that make you feel like you’re vacationing in an all-inclusive resort.

The Safavieh Home Collection Gabriella Antique Grey Wicker Headboard features an elegant, gracefully curved camelback style that fits a wide variety of bedroom decor. 

What to know before you buy a rattan headboard

Style of weave

Rattan headboards are available in several options when it comes to the style of weave.

  • Open weave: This is a light and airy type of headboard that allows the colors of the wall behind your bed to show through. These can often be more affordable options, and they’re generally more lightweight. 
  • Closed weave: If a solid wall of rattan is what you’re looking for, choose a closed weave. This also provides a textural element to your bedroom. 
  • Combination: If you like the look of a closed weave but want to keep things light, select a combination of both. 

Self-supporting vs. attached to bed frame

A self-supporting headboard can be hung on a wall or propped behind the mattress, with only the weight of the mattress necessary to keep it in place. This makes installation incredibly easy, but it may also be less stable than a headboard that’s attached to the bed frame. 

If you prefer that your headboard is fully integrated with your bed frame, you’ll need some tools and some time to put it together. 


The shape of your rattan headboard reflects the style of your bedroom. In general, straight, clean lines are more neutral and are at home everywhere from industrial design to a more modern, contemporary look. Curvy lines are common in more traditional and romantic bedroom decor. 

What to look for in a quality rattan headboard

Mix of materials

If you want a more substantial headboard, look for rattan mixed with other materials, such as hardwoods. This increases the weight of the headboard, but it also lends more strength to the structure overall. 


Some people enjoy the natural variation of color in rattan, while others prefer a more finished look that’s provided with a stain or coat of paint. Look for headboards that are available in colors to suit your style. 

Ease of installation

The easiest installation is to simply hang a self-supporting headboard on the wall. If you select a headboard that attaches to the bed frame, look for clear instructions that also indicate the tools you’ll need for installation. 

How much you can expect to spend on a rattan headboard

From a simple woven pattern to more intricate designs, expect to spend $200-$700 on a rattan headboard.

Rattan headboard FAQ

Do rattan headboards require special care?

A. Although they aren’t as fussy as an upholstered headboard that might require regular cleaning with specialized products, rattan headboards need regular care to keep them looking their best and to preserve their life. 

At least once a week, use a hand vacuum, handheld duster or vacuum attachment to remove any dust that’s accumulated. If you notice grime on the headboard, a soft cloth and mild cleaning solution should remove it. Make sure whatever cleaner you use is safe on rattan.

Once a month or as needed, use wood polish on every surface of your headboard. This keeps the headboard clean and promotes a luminous, glossy finish. Be careful not to use too much liquid as you clean. 

Keep in mind that the more frequently you dust or vacuum your headboard, the less daunting a task it will be. 

Are rattan headboards comfortable? 

A. That depends. In general, rattan headboards with a more open weave are less comfortable to recline on, as there’s less consistent surface. If you like to watch TV or read in bed, consider buying a tighter weave, at least in the area where you’ll be reclining. 

What’s the best rattan headboard to buy?

Top rattan headboard

Safavieh Home Collection Gabriella Antique Grey Wicker Headboard

Safavieh Home Collection Gabriella Antique Grey Wicker Headboard

What you need to know: The open weave of this headboard is great for bringing tropical style to your bedroom. 

What you’ll love: It’s woven in a more open pattern for a lighter feel. The camelback style of the headboard is graceful and flows well with light fabrics. It’s a combination of rattan and hardwood, which makes it sturdier. It’s available in antique grey and natural brown. 

What you should consider: Some people feel the open weave makes the headboard a bit flimsy. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top rattan headboard for the money

Safavieh Home Collection Sephina Antique Grey Rattan Headboard

Safavieh Home Collection Sephina Antique Grey Rattan Headboard

What you need to know: The weave is tight at the bottom and open at the top to create a lovely textural feature on this headboard.

What you’ll love: It has a combination weave that makes the headboard more comfortable to lean against than some other open weave designs. The camelback design is graceful, and the headboard comes with matching legs.

What you should consider: It’s not designed to stand alone, and it can be challenging to fit into a bed frame.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

South Shore Lilak Headboard

South Shore Lilak Headboard

What you need to know: The simple shape and subtle texture of this headboard means it will fit in bedrooms with different styles.

What you’ll love: It’s handwoven, which means each headboard is unique. It’s a solid weave in a modern rectangular shape with clean lines. It hangs on the wall and doesn’t require attachment to a bed frame. 

What you should consider: You’ll need to buy a separate bed frame. 

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair


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