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How can oregano oil benefit your health?

Oregano oil is one of those surprising supplements you should have added to your regime long ago. It benefits your health in so many ways, it ought to be a staple in more medicine cabinets.

From antibacterial to anticancer, it helps you cover all of your preventative healthcare basics. As always, be sure to consult a doctor before adding anything new to your diet, but do consider the ways oregano oil can boost your well-being.


If there is anything you want in 2022, it’s a natural antiviral booster. The National Institutes of Health report that oregano oil is helpful in fighting against viruses as well as other contagious infections. It can be used alongside antivirus medications and other immune-boosting supplements to prevent viral reproduction in infected patients. 

Fights colds 

The antiviral properties in oregano oil help keep your immune system strong enough to fight off any colds that blow through. By introducing it into your diet, you can reduce your likelihood of contracting a cold and many other viral outbreaks. 


Oregano oil is widely used for its antimicrobial properties, and according to the NIH, it can help to prevent infections caused by bacteria, fungi or even parasites. 


If you have a bacterial infection, oregano oil can function as an antibacterial agent. The National Institutes of Health found that it can even be used to fight against well-known infections such as MRSA and E. coli. Additionally, it is used topically to treat wounds because of its antibacterial properties and it aids in the healing process.


A common use for oregano oil is to reduce fungal infections. Studies done by the NIH confirm that it is useful as a natural fungicide. This means it can be beneficial to external fungal infections on the body. Use a small amount with a carrier oil such as coconut oil, and apply multiple times per day for maximum effect.


Oregano oil is also an antiparasitic insect repellant. The National Institutes of Health reports that oregano oil repels bedbugs more effectively than commercial insecticides containing DEET. 


Another health benefit of oregano oil is its anti-inflammatory properties. The body needs to fight inflammation, and you can use oregano oil blended with a carrier agent as a natural topical ointment.

Pain reliever

When inflammation is reduced, the pain in an inflamed area is reduced as well. An NIH study published in 2017 found oregano oil an effective supplement for patients with arthritis.

Regulate body function

Oregano oil is an all-purpose regulator that helps the body function properly. It is great for your digestion and encourages weight loss by keeping your gut in working order. Additionally, for women, it can also help to regulate menstruation and reduce some of the symptoms that come along with periods. 


Antioxidants are good for the body because they hinder oxidation and limit the damage done to cells over time. The National Institutes of Health reports that oregano oil can be used to fight the growth of a variety of different cells. This includes destructive cells such as cancerous cells, making oregano oil useful in preventing heart disease, cancer and many other diseases.

Promotes digestion

Introducing oregano oil into your diet can aid in the digestive process. It has been known to improve intestinal health according to the NIH and can help to prevent certain intestinal issues such as Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO).

Weight loss

An added benefit to proper digestion is appropriate weight loss. Oregano oil allows your digestion to flow while lowering cholesterol, giving it antidiabetic properties and allowing you to drop unnecessary pounds. These benefits can add healthy, happy years to your life.

Regulate menstruation

One of the surprise benefits to oregano oil is its effects on menstruation. As an emmenagogue, it stimulates menstrual activity, which actually helps to reduce problematic symptoms caused by periods. If you have an irregular period, it can help you naturally regulate your menstrual cycle. 


Oregano oil is useful for the body in so many ways, it can even boost your mood. The National Institutes of Health did a study using it on rats and found that it can have an antidepressant-like quality. It alone cannot resolve depressive symptoms, but it does function as a supplement that can boost your overall well-being.

What you need to buy for the health benefits of oregano oil

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Garden of Life Mykind Organics Oil of Oregano

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Solaray Oil Of Oregano Vegan Softgels

Solaray Oil Of Oregano Vegan Softgels

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