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Which waterproof work gloves are best?

For workers, wet hands are a hazard. They can make it hard to hold tools, prohibit working with electricity, and cause a health hazard. Prolonged exposure to wet hands can cause them to chafe, chap and could cause blisters and eczema.

People working in and around water need a good pair of waterproof gloves to protect them from the pitfalls of working with wet hands. With their ability to preserve dexterity while also keeping your hands warm, the best pair is the G & F Products 100% Waterproof Winter Gloves.

What to know before you buy a waterproof work glove


Not all “waterproof” work gloves are actually waterproof. Waterproof work gloves keep your hands moisture-free no matter the weather conditions. They should stay dry in heavy rain, ice and snow. They should also work when completely submerged in water. Water-resistant or water-repellent gloves offer less protection, keeping your hands dry through less extreme weather and working conditions.


It doesn’t have to be cold out to want a warm glove when working in and around water. A glove that offers waterproofing should also provide a warming component. Cold hands can be as hazardous as wet ones, making it challenging to hold tools and work in dangerous conditions.


The thickness and the material used to make a waterproof work glove will vary. Thinking about what you will be doing when wearing the glove will determine how thick and strong the material they are constructed of should be.

What to look for in a quality waterproof work glove

Heat-resistance and waterproofing

Several materials provide waterproofing capabilities. Polychloroprene, more commonly known as “neoprene,” a trademark of the chemical company Dupont, is well known and often used to construct waterproof gloves. Natural rubber is also recommended for waterproofing but not for working with hot objects. Waterproof work gloves made of heat-resistant materials like leather are recommended when working with hot things in wet conditions.


The warmest materials used in waterproof gloves trap heat and insulate against the cold. Thinsulate, a brand of synthetic fiber thermal insulation trademarked by 3M, flannel, and fleece are all warming materials that can be layered inside waterproof work gloves.


The thinner the glove, the more freely you’ll be able to move your hands, and for that reason, leather gloves may be the best choice, but they offer little protection during rugged work. Many manufactured materials provide ample movement and protection. The best waterproof work glove will combine waterproofing and warming in a thin enough glove to allow you to do the work you need to safely. 

How much you can expect to spend on waterproof work gloves

Waterproof work gloves are available at a range of prices. You can purchase less costly but efficient waterproof work gloves for as cheap as $10. The widest variety of waterproof work gloves ranges from $20-$50. At the high end, waterproof work gloves can cost from $90-$400.

Waterproof work glove FAQ

Q. When were gloves first used for warmth and protection from the elements?

A. There is evidence that leather was used as early as in the stone age to protect hands when using tools and equipment and from weather conditions. Working gloves became more prevalent as manufacturing surged during the industrial revolution. 

Q. How do you wash waterproof work gloves?

A. Waterproof work gloves are washed the same as most other gloves. Warm water and soap are sufficient to clean a waterproof work glove though some scrubbing may be necessary for the grimmest pair. Machine washing may be possible, but you should consult manufacturer instructions before laundering as machine washing can sometimes affect the glove’s performance.

What’s the best waterproof work glove to buy?

Top waterproof work glove

 G & F Products 100% Waterproof Winter Gloves

 G & F Products 100% Waterproof Winter Gloves

What you need to know: These are waterproof work gloves designed for outdoor weather but not extreme cold. They are double-coated, windproof, and have a terry inner lining for warmth at 58 degrees. 

What you’ll love: These waterproof work gloves fit well and are comfortable. They balance the need for protection and movement, making them suitable for working with even small tools. 

What you should consider: These gloves do not protect from cold weather below 58 degrees.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top waterproof work glove for the money

Waterproof Insulated Thermal Work Gloves — KG140W, Full Hand Latex Coated

Waterproof Insulated Thermal Work Gloves — KG140W, Full Hand Latex Coated

What you need to know:  These waterproof work gloves with a double-layer latex coating keep your hands dry in damp conditions. Materials used in making these waterproof work gloves allow you to maintain flexibility in low temperatures.

What you’ll love: The ultrafine crinkle finished latex coating gives you excellent grip in all conditions. The cuff closure, acrylic thermal liner, and latex coating combine to lock in heat. 

What you should consider: The double-layer coating on fingers may be too thick to allow for precision work. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Carhartt Men’s Wb Suede Leather Waterproof Breathable Work Glove

Carhartt Men’s Wb Suede Leather Waterproof Breathable Work Glove

What you need to know: These waterproof work gloves are made by a leading work clothes manufacturer. They are made of leather, suede, cotton and polyester. Along with waterproofing and warmth, these work gloves provide strength, durability and flexibility.

What you’ll love: The gloves are rugged, warm and fit very well. These waterproof work gloves are excellent for work, including relatively light-duty tasks like woodcutting and fence work. 

What you should consider: These gloves may not be sufficient for heavy-duty work. Weeks of heavy work can result in these gloves wearing quickly.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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