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Which soft gun case is best?

Traveling with a firearm that isn’t encased can potentially be very dangerous for both the traveler and the firearm. Using a soft gun case, especially over a hard gun case, allows you to keep weight and size down while maximizing the protection of both yourself and your various pieces of equipment.

One of the best soft gun cases is the Savior Equipment Tactical Double-Long Rifle/Pistol Gun Bag. This soft gun case features a lot of extras, such as multiple pockets, external straps for wearing like a backpack, internal straps to prevent your firearms from sliding around inside and a divider to allow for safely storing two different long firearms at once.

What to know before you buy a soft gun case

Handgun cases

Handgun cases are small enough to be a holster effectively. They’re perfect for protecting a handgun that’s being carried in another bag like a backpack or duffle bag. You can also find concealed carry options that look almost like a standard fanny pack.

Long gun cases

Long gun soft gun cases are the option with the biggest amount of variables that can make or break their overall quality and your enjoyment of them. 

Combination cases

Combination cases store both a long gun in the main compartment and a handgun or two in a smaller, exterior compartment. There are fewer combination soft gun cases available, although they can be incredibly helpful if you’re transporting more than one firearm.

What to look for in a quality soft gun case


Cordura: This tough synthetic is very resistant to abrasions and other tears and scratches. It usually looks very similar to canvas and tends to be used more in top-quality soft gun cases.

Leather: The traditional material. The weather can put a lot of wear into a leather case very quickly, but it could last you for a long time with regular maintenance.

Ballistic nylon/polyester: The most commonly used materials, thanks to their reasonable affordability and durability.


When it comes to your soft gun case construction, make sure you’ve checked the stitching and the closures before making a purchase. Bad stitching means your case will fall apart quickly, and if the zippers, cords and buckles are hard to use or don’t seal well, it can be frustrating or poorly protective.

How much you can expect to spend on a soft gun case

Soft gun cases range in cost, depending on the level of protection offered and any added features you might want. The cheapest soft gun case can cost as little as $10, with most cases topping out around $70. You can also find options that reach up to $200.

Soft gun case FAQ

Are soft gun cases waterproof?

A. It depends on your specific soft gun case. Most soft gun cases do offer some kind of protection, but very few are fully waterproof. They tend to be water-repellant instead; they are able to protect your firearms from a light rainfall but not a heavy one. Of course, you could always purchase a soft gun case meant for hunting water-loving birds that are waterproof and even float on water, but the cost for these will be quite high.

Is it legal to use a soft gun case that’s covert, meaning it doesn’t look at all like a gun case?

A. It is perfectly legal to use a soft gun case that looks like anything except a gun case in most cases. That said, each state has its own laws, which could affect your soft gun case that looks like a guitar case, so double-check local regulations.

What are ALICE and MOLLE?

A. All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment and Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment are systems that allow for standardized personalization and modulation of equipment across different pieces of gear originally designed for military use. ALICE has largely but not completely been replaced by MOLLE.

What’s the best soft gun case to buy?

Top soft gun case

Savior Equipment Tactical Double-Long Rifle/Pistol Gun Bag

Savior Equipment Tactical Double-Long Rifle/Pistol Gun Bag

What you need to know: This soft gun case has a lot of extra pockets and even some straps to let you wear the case like a backpack.

What you’ll love: For added safety, you can lock this soft gun case, which can hold two different rifles at once that can be strapped down.

What you should consider: The price is quite high compared to many other soft gun cases available.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top soft gun case for the money

Bulldog Cases Tactical Shotgun Case

Bulldog Cases Tactical Shotgun Case

What you need to know: This is a simple soft gun case that does what it’s meant to do well and at an affordable price.

What you’ll love: Two side pockets are perfect for stashing extra ammunition; it fits any firearm up to a maximum of 33 inches long.

What you should consider: There aren’t any interior straps to keep your firearm from moving inside the case.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

UTG Covert Homeland Security Gun Case

UTG Covert Homeland Security Gun Case

What you need to know: This is a soft gun case designed not to look like a soft gun case.

What you’ll love: A shoulder strap lets you wear it across your bag, and it comes in various sizes to best fit your particular firearm needs.

What you should consider: The front compartment doesn’t zip open enough to access when laid flat on a surface.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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