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Which ripped leggings are best?

It’s hard enough finding a trustworthy pair of leggings that fit all your needs. When you’re looking for ripped leggings, there are twice as many factors to consider. In addition to looking at the fabric and the fit, you now have to consider design details and whether those details have what it takes to stand up to daily use. For a top-of-the-line pair of ripped leggings with lots of wow factor, take a look at the Slit Weave Cut Braided Leggings.

What to know before you buy ripped leggings

These days, there are so many styles to choose from when you’re looking at leggings. So what sets ripped leggings apart from the rest? Ripped leggings are similar to ripped jeans in that they have pre-cut “rips” in them that are used to stylistic advantage. As you compare your options, consider when you intend to wear the leggings as well as how ripped you want them to look. If there are any size or height requirements you want fulfilled, then these too should be taken into consideration. 

Workout, casual and dress

When it comes to cut-out, mesh and ripped designs, workout leggings tend to have the upper hand. Workout leggings are designed to be durable and breathable, which is a plus for something that’s supposed to have holes in it. Casual and dress leggings aren’t quite as snug and can are usually made from softer materials, though the choices for ripped styles are more limited.

Size and length

Leggings don’t usually come in numbered sizes. They are offered in one size or an array of small, medium, large, extra-large and so on. Sometimes they’re listed in two sizes like small/medium or medium/large. Plus-size and petite sizes exist as well. As for length, most leggings come in one length. This is often one of the most difficult factors in buying leggings. With something so fitted, you want the length to be just right. If you’re on the shorter side and struggle to find leggings that aren’t long, consider looking at three-quarter leggings or trying petite leggings that better accommodate your height. 

Patterns and designs

Do you want a few rips at the knee? Or a ripped design that goes down the full length of each leg? There are different degrees of faux tearing when it comes to ripped leggings. The placement of these rips can also vary. Usually they are featured on the front, similarly to ripped jeans, but sometimes they are featured down the outer sides of leggings as well. 

What to look for in quality ripped leggings

Buying a pair of ripped leggings is like buying a regular pair of leggings only you have to be even more discerning when it comes to quality. Ripped leggings have to be twice as durable because they have holes in them and they have to look good with additional visual components. 

Rips that won’t stretch or tear

You don’t want leggings getting baggy or losing their shape over time and the same goes for their ripped designs. A thin rip shouldn’t start to look like a big hole and it should retain its shape even after going through the wash.

Excellent stitchwork or braiding

It’s especially important to have strong seams or braiding if ripped sections are braided together. When leggings rip unintentionally, it usually happens where the seams meet. A quality stitch goes a long way in keeping your clothing functional.

Comfortable waistline

Most leggings come with a flat 1-inch waistband, while others feature a high-waist design. Either way, the waistband should be soft and comfortable. Most importantly, it shouldn’t roll down or slip too much as you move around. 

How much you can expect to spend on ripped leggings

Ripped leggings cost between $15-$45, though they can come in packs of three or four, adding more bang for your buck.

Ripped leggings FAQ

What are ripped leggings made out of?

A. Polyester/Spandex or cotton/Spandex blends are most popular when it comes to fabric.

Can ripped leggings go in the wash?

garment bag

A. This depends on the quality of the leggings. Most can go in the wash with no problem, but poorly made leggings won’t last long after continued washes. If you want to best protect your leggings when they go in the washing machine, consider putting them in a garment bag

Is Lycra the same as Spandex?

A. Lycra is a brand-name for a type of spandex; both Lycra and Spandex are types of elastanes.

What are the best ripped leggings to buy?

Top ripped leggings

Slit Weave Cut Braided Leggings

Slit Weave Cut Braided Leggings

What you need to know: These cotton/Spandex leggings are hand-cut and braided in a unique design with a flat 1-inch waistband. They come in six sizes and five colors. 

What you’ll love: They looked ripped, but also have a fun intricate pattern to them. The black pair comes in a high-waisted option, and they are comfortable, beautiful and made to last. Additional color choices can be discussed with the shop.

What you should consider: Most colors don’t come with a high-waisted option.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

Top ripped leggings for the money

Baihetu High Waist Ripped Leggings

Baihetu High-Waist Ripped Leggings

What you need to know: These polyester/Spandex leggings come in five sizes, several ripped styles and over 10 colors.

What you’ll love: These are soft, comfortable and machine-washable. There are numerous cutout options, so you can decide if you want a few rips at the knee or more extensive patterning all over. They run true to size.

What you should consider: The fabric is a little thin.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Diravo 7-Pack High Waisted Leggings

Diravo High-Waisted Leggings, Seven-Pack

What you need to know: These polyester/spandex leggings come in two sizes and a pack of seven in assorted colors/styles, one of which features a ripped design.

What you’ll love: This is a great value and offers one ripped pair to try out alongside your other leggings if you’re not sure whether or not you like the look yet. They are soft, comfortable and stretchy.

What you should consider: They aren’t very durable and can tear.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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