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Which On running shoes are best?

Just over 10 years ago, a Swiss company called On decided it wanted to revolutionize the design of running shoes. Its goal? To create a shoe where you didn’t have to pick between cushion and responsiveness. If you enjoy longer runs but don’t find overly cushioned shoes comfortable, a pair of On Cloudflows styles can cushion your steps while still keeping you engaged on your run.

What to know before you buy On running shoes


All On’s technology does come with a fairly heft price tag. While you can buy a good pair of running shoes from other brands for around $150, that’s roughly where On starts. At the high end, for those serious about their racing, you can be spending the better part of $300 on running shoes. If you’re serious about your running and getting the best available technology, the price may be worth it for you.

For all types of runners

No matter how you run, On has you covered. With horizontal and verticle cushioning in the sole, On shoes adjust to your landing no matter if you’re a heel striker, midfoot striker or forefoot striker. On shoes are especially helpful if you tend to strike differently as your run progresses.

Multiple lacing types

Triathletes will appreciate the option for elastic speed laces to be included right out of the box. Runners who don’t want speed laces have the option for traditional laces as well. Just look for shoes designated as “standard lacing” instead of “elastic speed lacing.”

What to look for in quality On running shoes


The primary technology in On running shoes is CloudTec. The goal of CloudTec is to make it feel like you’re running on clouds, lowering your risk of suffering from joint and muscle pain while running. On also claims that their CloudTec will reduce your heart rate while running. The CloudTec drives the horizontal and verticle adaptive cushioning, making On shoes an excellent choice for all runners.

Spring in your step

Running on clouds doesn’t mean you’ll sink into the ground; On shoes are still quite responsive. With Speedboard technology, On shoes propel you forward, keeping your stride comfortable and efficient. Users of On shoes sometimes report an improvement in their stride after enough miles spent in an On trainer.

All terrains and types

On offers shoes for multiple terrain options and training interests. You can opt for waterproof, ultralight, longer-run, shorter-run or anything in between. If you expect to compete soon, On has you covered with racing-specific shoes and from the 5k to the marathon.

How much you can expect to spend on On running shoes

Running shoes are pricey, but On is definitely on the higher end. The cheapest options start at $140 and go up to $270, depending on your needs.

On running shoes FAQ

Are On shoes light?

A. Some of On’s offerings are quite light for a trainer. If you’re looking for light shoes, look for On’s designated as “ultralight.” These come in around 8 ounces. Even more, cushioned options focused on longer runs come in under 12 ounces.

Do On shoes come in multiple widths?

A. Yes. Runners looking for shoes with more room can look for On shoes in wide sizes.

Can I train in lighter, racing-style shoes?

A. If you want to, yes. With On’s cushioning technology, that’s an option. You do want to weigh the type of training that you’re doing and your personal preferences. If you light a more responsive shoe or do mainly shorter, interval-style training, a lighter shoe can be of great benefit. If you like to log miles and train for the marathon, an “ultralight” shoe may not be your best option. It comes down to knowing your body and your preferences above all else.

What are the best On running shoes to buy?

Top On running shoes

On Cloudstratus Trainers

On Cloudstratus Trainers

What you need to know: If you want to embrace On’s idea of running On clouds fully, these maximally cushioned trainers promise many comfortable miles.

What you’ll love: The maximum cushioning in an On shoe is right here. Not satisfied with regular CloudTec, On put Double Cloudtec in these shoes for the most comfort available on the road over any distance.

What you should consider: If you aren’t sold on maximal cushion shoes, these are a pricey expedition into them.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top On running shoes for the money

On Cloudflow Trainers

On Cloudflow Trainers

What you need to know: These running shoes are the perfect combination of responsive, light, and comfortably cushioned.

What you’ll love: While On shoes are expensive overall, this is one of their most popular and most affordable options at $140. With a moderate heel-to-toe drop of six millimeters, and “direct” cushioning, these 8-ounce trainers are great for responsive runs of all lengths.

What you should consider: Runners who train for exclusively longer distances may want a bit more cushioning than these shoes offer.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

On Cloudventure Waterproof Trail Runners

On Cloudventure Waterproof Trail Runners

What you need to know: If roads can’t contain you, these trail-focused trainers are rugged and waterproof, prepared for whatever you can throw at them.

What you’ll love: The lugs on the Cloudventure soles have four varying levels of grip to keep you grounded without getting in the way when unnecessary. Even though they’re waterproof, you still get a breathable upper. At under 12 ounces, you’ll barely notice they’re there.

What you should consider: Most users will want to size up a half to full size, especially those with wider feet. For some, the waterproof version may be unnecessary.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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