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Which mobile TV cart is best?

Mobile TV carts aren’t just for use in the classroom or office. They’re also a perfect option for households that need or want to adjust the location of their entertainment center throughout the day. Many also have sturdy shelving so you can keep your streaming boxes, Blu-ray players or gaming consoles on hand.

The best mobile TV cart is the Vivo Mobile TV Cart. It’s stable, has adjustable height for both the TV and storage shelf, and can handle TVs of up to 55 pounds and 60 inches.

What to know before you buy a mobile TV cart

Size and weight limit

Mobile TV carts are designed to hold specific size ranges and weights of TVs.

  • Size limits are typically a function of the mounting bracket rather than any kind of construction limitation. Most carts have size ranges between 20 and 40 inches.
  • Weight limits are considerably more important than size limits. Exceeding the weight limit means risking damage to the cart and destabilizing it  — meaning you’re likely in for a shattered TV. Most modern TVs are surprisingly light, so many carts have weight limits of 50 pounds or so. Others have weight limits of 100 or even 200 pounds. Always double-check the weight of your TV and your prospective cart’s weight limit. Choosing a cart with a higher limit than you need is never a bad approach.

Mounting bracket

Most mobile TV carts use the Video Electronics Standards Association’s guidelines to ensure nearly any TV within the size and weight limits will fit securely and comfortably. These VESA guidelines are usually listed as a range in millimeters — for example, VESA 800 x 600. You also need to consider whether your TV has a curved or flat back, as mounts are usually designed with one or the other in mind.

What to look for in a quality mobile TV cart


The best mobile TV carts have adjustable viewing angles and heights.

  • Viewing angle: Generally, the viewing angle is only slightly adjustable at 15 degrees horizontally, vertically or both. This can still make a great impact, depending on your setup.
  • Height: Most adjustable heights are also minimal, with the potential for significant impact. Don’t expect more than 5-10 inches. This applies to both the TV and any included shelving.


Many mobile TV carts come with attachable shelving. This is typically just one shelf below the TV for holding whatever devices you need. Better models include a second shelf or a mini-shelf above the TV for holding video conferencing cameras.

Cable management

Many mobile TV carts have hollow tubes designed to let you run your cables through them. These tubes help manage your cables and keep them out of sight for a cleaner look.

How much you can expect to spend on a mobile TV cart

Mobile TV carts typically cost $100-$300. Some can cost as low as $75, but most cost $100-$150. The strongest carts for the largest TVs usually start around $175-$200.

Mobile TV cart FAQ

Do I have to install the shelving if I don’t plan on using it?

A. That depends on the cart. Most feature the shelving as an optional bonus, meaning it doesn’t impact the stability or construction of the cart. Always make sure to double-check the instructions before excluding them, though, as they may be necessary. That said, most carts with extra shelving are a little more expensive than options without shelving — if you really don’t plan on ever using it, shop around to see if you can save yourself some money.

Do I have to remove the TV to change its height or angle?

A. If your mobile TV cart is designed to have adjustable height, it’s probably adjustable while the TV is mounted. However, adjusting the height with the TV mounted isn’t always easy. Some carts use tricky systems that make it hard to do alone, and some TVs are too heavy to lift alone at all. It’s wise to recruit additional help when adjusting the height, even for small and light TVs.

What’s the best mobile TV cart to buy?

Top mobile TV cart

Vivo Mobile TV Cart

Vivo Mobile TV Cart

What you need to know: It’s perfect for small-to-midsized TVs.

What you’ll love: It can hold TVs of 13-60 inches with an upper weight limit of 55 pounds. The center pole is hollow to allow for hidden cable management, and the front table is wide enough for a laptop or sound equipment. The wheels can lock into place.

What you should consider: A few consumers found it difficult to adjust the height of both the laptop shelf and the TV mount. The manual suggests using anti-tip equipment.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top mobile TV cart for the money

Amazon Basics TV Trolley

Amazon Basics TV Trolley

What you need to know: It’s simple and comes in two sizes to fit most TVs.

What you’ll love: It comes in 24-43 inches and 32-70 inches, with an upper weight limit of 55 pounds. It has the option for expert installation at an extra charge. The top is swivel-mounted to make directing the TV a breeze. Assembly is straightforward and quick.

What you should consider: Some customers received parts of the incorrect size, while others received defective or improperly built pieces. The wheels may not roll over some carpeting well.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Perlesmith Mobile TV Cart

Perlesmith Mobile TV Cart

What you need to know: It’s built to handle the largest and heaviest TVs.

What you’ll love: It can hold TVs from 32-75 inches with a maximum weight limit of 100 pounds. It has a top shelf for small devices and a large middle shelf for everything else. The wide base is highly stable. It’s simple to adjust its height.

What you should consider: Some purchasers had issues following the included instructions, saying they were difficult to understand. The cable concealment is too small for some cables.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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